Relax and Unwind at This Hot Spring in Gunma That Will Take You Back in Time

  • Gunma Prefecture (群馬県) is a mountainous area in the Kanto region (関東地方) of Japan. It is surrounded by numerous natural hot spring resorts, making it a favorite getaway spot for many. One of these is Kayabuki no Sato Yakushi Onsen Hatago (かやぶきの郷薬師温泉旅籠), an old-fashioned resort with a hot spring that dates back to the late 18th century. Let’s learn more about this hidden sanctuary that is truly relaxing!

    Kayabuki no Sato Yakushi Onsen Hatago

    Kayabuki no Sato Yakushi Onsen Hatago is a ryokan (旅館) or traditional Japanese inn that takes pride in its rich history of giving a warm reception to its guests. According to their website, a monk discovered this inn in one of his travels more than 200 years ago and the excellent service has never changed since then, not to mention the impressive and well-kept rooms and surroundings.

    Thatched roof houses are also lined up in this property. They were once situated in other parts of Japan for hundreds of years before being transferred here to preserve its ancient beauty. The interiors of these traditional dwellings also give off an old charm vibe with collections of antiques and old furniture adorning the space.

    Onsen (温泉)

    The relaxing heated water from the onsen or hot spring is absolutely natural, which comes from deep down the earth’s outer layer. You can enjoy soaking in this pristine water in the different types of baths that they offer.

    One of their public baths called Satono-yu (郷の湯) is known for its hot spring water with therapeutic and healing benefits. On the other hand, Takimino-yu (滝見の湯) is an open-air bath with a breathtaking view of the river forest and waterfall. They also have a large bathtub made of wood for families or a group of friends, a private bath, and a foot bath called Ashi-yu (足湯).

    Japanese-Style Rooms

    There is only a limited number of rooms available in the inn, making the area more intimate and quiet. All rooms are Japanese-style, equipped with modern facilities such as a television and a refrigerator. Amenities are also available for your needs. There are also yukata (浴衣) sets for you to wear during your stay to complete your Japanese culture experience.

    Irori-Kaiseki (囲炉裏懐石)

    Japanese cuisines made from high-quality local ingredients are served to the guests. Each dish is carefully crafted to make an authentic meal. The food are prepared and served in an iroki-kaiseki style, wherein various traditional food are cooked in a hearth at the center of the dining area. Guests are seated on the floor near the fireplace while enjoying the food in front of them.

    This onsen facility is just 2.5 hours away by train from Tokyo (東京), so it is a great place to do a side trip from the capital. A day trip package is available for those who would just want to spend a day here. For a smaller fee, day trippers can also enjoy soaking in the onsen, exploring the area, and eating a traditional lunch made fresh daily.

    Kayabuki no Sato Yakushi Onsen Hatago is committed to providing their guests a pleasant stay. It’s a perfect place to take a break from the busy city life while appreciating the beauty of the traditional and scenic atmosphere. So come, unwind, and be attracted to this gorgeous and serene place!

    Kayabuki no Sato Yakushi Onsen Hatago Website