10 Crazy yet ingenious Japanese inventions!

  • The country has always excelled in fields of research, development and innovations. It has given a great contribution to the world by its innovative inventions and creations. Here is a list of some uncommon inventions that we may don’t know that it originated in our very own Japan.

    1. The never ending bubble wrap

    The toy ‘Eternal Poppety Pop’ that constantly fills and refills bubbles in a sheet of bubble wrap. So all those young and old who love the pit-pat sound of bursting bubble wraps can have fun with this enjoy. After all there is no age for insanity and madness and some childhood fun.

    2. Selfie stick

    The extendable arm for selfies or the monopod originated in Japan. Japanese selfie stick was first featured in the 1995 book of ‘101 Un-useless Japanese inventions’. It is amazing how indispensable it has become for everyone including teenagers, adults and anyone on a holiday with a large group. Selfie taking made easy.

    3. Silent Karaoke Microphone

    Yes! you heard that right!? silent karaoke!!!
    Designed as a way to reduce volume from singing, the Silent Karaoke device is intended to be used at home as a way to practice/enjoy such a hobby without annoying those close by. It works in conjunction with an app, which allows you to modify certain settings to suit your needs. So all those who think that they are not good singers, thank Japan for this and grab a silent karaoke mic.

    4. The Cupmen

    From the designer Akira Mabuchi, the Cupmen fits snugly onto the lid of your pot of instant noodles. He keeps the flap closed while the noodles are heating up, he also changes color to white as the temperature of the paper raises, letting you know three minutes have elapsed. This cool innovation is my favourite and only Japan can come up with such ideas!!!! Well…necessity is indeed the mother of invention!!!

    5. Banana slipcase

    Who likes squishy bananas? and to save your bananas, we have banana slipcase which store banana and retains their firmness and texture. In the shape and colour of bananas, it is a very useful product for those who carry bananas for lunch.

    The list of offbeat and out of the box thinking inventions is back. Read on to know more about other unique inventions by the Japanese.

    6. Book shaped pillow

    These book shaped pillows are a boon for tired and busy students. These can be easily fooled like a book and carried anywhere as they are compact. Looking for a power nap, while studying or working, just get the book shaped pillow and have a peaceful nap.

    7. Butter Grater

    Just like it is convenient to grate cheese on your yummy pizza, now you can grate butter also on your toasts and bread. Relatively hard butter, which can’t be directly spreader evenly, can be popped in the grater and shredded on your desired meal.

    8. Splash protector for hair

    Protect your hair while slurping your favorite ramen, soup or noodles dish. This hair protector is unique and useful as it helps you eating without getting food and water in your hair.

    9. Finger Toothbrush

    This allows you to carry this mini toothbrush anywhere and everywhere very easily, even in your pocket. Extremely easy to use. just slide on your finger and it works exactly like the good old long toothbrush.

    10. Solar lighter

    It is a pocket-sized stainless steel parabolic mirror, shaped to concentrate sunlight on a small prong holding combustible materials at the focal point. A unique invention to substitute conventional lighters in an effective and eco-friendly way.