Looking for Something to Do in Tokyo? 3 Fun Events to Join This June 2018!

  • Tokyo is a vibrant place that celebrates different kinds of events and is home to dozens of festivals every year. The month of June is considered to be a low season for travel as children are normally in school and attractions are not that crowded, making it a great time to visit. If you are going to Japan this June 2018, you should check out these three annual events held in the capital city!

    1. International Tokyo Toy Show 2018

    The International Tokyo Toy Show, a yearly event organized by the Japan Toy Association (JTA), is regarded as the largest toy exhibition where you can see all imaginable toys. Every year, the latest toys are introduced at the event, which also includes books, food, and mobile applications.

    This 2018, the Toy Show will take place from June 7 to June 10 at Tokyo Big Sight. The first two days (June 7 and 8) are Buyer’s Days, which means that only business people will be able to attend the event, while the last two days (June 9 and 10) are Public Days, which means that the event is open to the general public. Admission is free.

    International Tokyo Toy Show Website

    2. Salsa Street 2018

    Salsa Street is a multinational celebration that takes place in the streets of Ueno Park, a relatively popular park in Tokyo. The event first took place in 2015 and has been since celebrated yearly. As the name implies, Salsa Street is all about salsa dance, music, and good food. Visitors an also enjoy the different stalls selling Latin American food, handicrafts, and summer accessories.

    This 2018, the event will take place from 10:00 AM to 8:00 PM on June 9 and from 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM on June 10, at the Fountain Square in Ueno Park. This event is a chance for you to enjoy authentic Latin American cuisine and have a vibrant feel in tune with the rumbling sounds of a Latin band.

    Salsa Street Website

    3. Africa Hibiya Festival

    Another annual event celebrated in June is the Africa Hibiya Festival organized by the Africa Heritage Committee. This is a unique festival that is celebrated at Hibiya Park in Chiyoda, Tokyo in order to educate and provide awareness to people regarding African culture, food, lifestyle, and dance. Besides having a food court that serves authentic African cuisine, there’s also a bazaar where you can buy souvenir items.

    There are also several stage performances and workshops for playing a traditional African drum. You can try beautiful and colorful African clothes and even an African hairstyle. There’s also a quiz and stamp rally, as well as an African Parade. You can bring kids along so they get the chance to experience a multicultural environment.

    This 2018, the event will take place from 10:00 AM to 9:00 PM on June 23 and from 10:00 AM to 5:30 PM on June 24. Admission is free!

    Africa Hibiya Festival Website

    Traveling to Japan during off-peak season is not that bad. It’s actually more fun as you get to enjoy many events and attractions without competing for space. These three events in June invite everyone to participate and become part of a memorable experience that only happens once a year!

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