Don’t Miss These 6 Magical Events at Tokyo Disney Resort This 2018!

  • The 35th anniversary of Tokyo Disney Resort in Japan continues with various seasonal activities to make your visit a truly memorable one. Spectacular special events are lined up which you will surely enjoy with your family, friends, or special someone. Check out the “Happiest Celebration!” events for the rest of 2018 below!

    1. Disney Tanabata Days

    Join Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse as they celebrate the Tanabata Festival from June 7 to July 7, 2018. The Tanabata or Star Festival tells the story of Orihime (a weaver deity) and Hikoboshi (cow herder deity) who fell in love with each other. However, circumstances separated them and were only given the chance to be together every 7th day of July.

    Disney’s two main characters will play these two star-crossed lovers during the festival. Catch them in a parade at Disneyland and at DisneySea’s Mediterranean Harbor.

    Celebrating Tanabata is not complete without making a wish, so don’t forget to write your aspirations on the provided special cards and place them at the “Wishing Place.”

    2. Disney Natsu Matsuri

    Once again, Disney will have its very own Natsu Matsuri or Summer Festival, which will take place at Tokyo Disneyland from July 10 to September 2, 2018. Catch Mickey and friends pumping up while dancing to the beat and rhythm of traditional Japanese summer music. Be prepared to get wet as the whole gang will be splashing the crowd with water.

    3. Disney Pirates Summer

    For the second time in a row, Tokyo DisneySea will be having a pirate-themed festival called “Disney Pirates Summer,” which will also start from July 10 until September 2, 2018. Watch the characters of the hit movie series Pirates of the Caribbean perform a dramatic performance while sailing on their impressive pirate ships at Mediterranean Harbor. Catch Captain Jack Sparrow, Captain Barbossa, and other pirates singing, dancing, and spraying water over the crowd.

    4. Disney’s Halloween

    It’s time for a spooky treat as Disney’s Halloween takes place from September 11 to October 31, 2018. Disney characters will have a parade at both parks, with costumes and floats designed for this festive event. DisneySea will also be having a Villains Parade once again, wherein Disney Villains join the center stage and limelight at Mediterranean Harbor.

    5. Disney Christmas

    From November 8 to December 25, 2018, Tokyo Disney will hold its annual Christmas celebration at both parks. Disney characters will be dancing to different Christmas songs with their colorful costumes and floats.

    6. New Year’s Program

    Join Mickey and friends in welcoming the new year from January 1 to 6, 2019. Experience the Japanese way of celebrating the start of a new year as both parks have their own parades.

    Aside from the spectacular performances and amazing decorations, there will also be souvenirs, merchandise goods, food, and drinks that will be designed and prepared according to the theme of each event.

    For 35 years, Tokyo Disney continues to give a magical and fun-filled experience to kids and kids at heart. It is indeed the happiest celebration that shouldn’t be missed. So come and celebrate these fantastic events with your favorite Disney characters this 2018!

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