3 Famous Nabe Branch Restaurants

  • Enjoy Nabe food

    Have you ever heard about Nabe? Nabe means literally a cooking “pot”, and it is used to designate one Japanese hot pot dish. Nabe is a dish usually cooked instantly while japanfly.co/eating. The family put the pot over the burner in the center of the table and boil vegetables, meats etc all together to make kind of stews or soups. For Japanese, Nabe food is pretty exciting food because we can have fun at the same time when cooking with people who are sitting at the table. In winter, when it starts to become cold, Japanese even make Nabe party. There are many restaurants that you can enjoy Nabe food in Japan. Here, I will introduce you restaurants where you can eat delicious Nabe.

    1. Nabezou

    Nabezou is one of the most popular branch specialized on Nabe in Japan. In Nabezou, you can choose two flavors of Nabe from unique flavors such as soy milk, Kimchi, and so on. And then, you have a vegetable bar so that you can put any vegetable that you like into the Nabe.


    2. Onyasai shabu shabu

    Onyasai is also one of the most popular Nabe restaurants. Onyasai is highlighted by its variety in the menu. Usually, we out vegetable and some meats inside of Nabe, but in Onyasai restaurant, you can put unique food such as sausage, noodles, and so on. In addition, there are varieties of side menu that you can order for free.

    Onyasai shabu shabu*Japanese Only

    3. Akakara

    Akakara is one of the most popular Nabe restaurants as well, but these days, it is getting tremendously popular. It is because Akakara is a little bit different than Onyasai and Nabezou. Akakara is characterized by its flavor of Nabe. Akakara’s Nabe is a little spicy, so I strongly recommend you to visit this restaurant if you are spicy lovers!

    Akakara*Japanese Only

    Here, I introduced about three Nabe restaurants where you can enjoy typical Japanese Nabe food. It might not be a familiar food for you, but I think you would like it! And also, as I said before, if you eat Nabe with your friend or family, I bet you would have fun there!