Want to Dance with Pikachu? You Can’t Miss This Cute Event in Yokohama!

  • Most people have heard of the incredibly popular children’s anime show, Pokémon, which depicts a young boy and his friends who venture out into the world to win battles, collect badges, and “catch ’em all!” This insanely popular franchise also has an extensive series of video games and merchandise, which continue to be developed and released even now by Nintendo. Pikachu is by far the most famous character from the series; even people who know nothing about Pokémon can recognize the cute, mouse-like yellow cartoon with red cheeks.

    There are many ways Pokémon fans can enjoy themselves in Japan: by visiting one of the many Pokémon Centers for fluffy toys and stationery or visiting the brand new Pokémon-themed cafe in Nihonbashi, Tokyo, for example. In addition to these, in August 2018, there will be a cute event for Pokémon lovers in Yokohama! Read on to find out more about this special event this summer.


    Pokémon, or Pocket Monsters, originated in Japan and the first animated show appeared on air in 1997 in its home country and in 1998 to Western audiences. Since then, it has garnered millions of fans worldwide and is still one of the most well-known anime shows and video game series in the world.

    Even now, fans of the old show continue to watch new episodes, collect merchandise, and play new installments of the games, usually on handheld devices such as the Nintendo 3DS. Pokémon even managed to gain attention from newer generations with Pokémon GO, the cell phone app that quickly gained popularity after its release a couple of years ago. It is arguably one of Japan’s most famous anime of all time.

    The Dancing Pikachu Horde

    You may have seen this on the Internet: hundreds of cute Pikachu mascots dancing around and spreading cheer! From August 10 to August 16, 2018, no fewer than 1,000 giant Pikachus will be in and around the Minato Mirai area of Yokohama for the “Pikachu Outbreak!” event. Imagine seeing parades of cute Pikachus dancing in the city!

    If you would like to spot these cute mascots, make sure you are in Yokohama on these dates and you might just see them! Don’t forget to take your camera because you will not want to miss seeing the classic Pokémon character running around spreading happiness and fun.

    Pikachu Outbreak! Events

    There are specific places in Yokohama you can go for special Pikachu Outbreak! events. These include the Yokohama Landmark Tower where you can enjoy the Super Dance Unit Show, YOKOHAMA COSMOWORLD for a special Pikachu Ferris wheel, Yokohama WORLD PORTERS for a chance to meet Pikachu and see them perform an adorable hula dance, and Minatomirai Station itself for the Pikachu Photo Studio! Why not plan a day trip to Yokohama and count how many of these cute electric mice you can find?

    No one can feel miserable with dancing Pikachu around, so whether you know nothing about Pokémon or you’re a die-hard fan, head to Yokohama between the 10th and 16th of August 2018 for the cutest event of the year!

    Pikachu Outbreak! Website

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