Can You Find This Hidden History Museum in Tokyo?

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  • Did you know that there’s a cutting-edge museum hidden inside the KITTE Department Store in Tokyo? Intermediatheque, a small museum jointly run by the University of Tokyo and Japan Post, contains several antiquities and specimens owned by the university since the 19th century. Due to its unusual location, it has been given the nickname of “hidden curiosity cabinet.”

    About the Museum

    Intermediatheque (IMT for short) is located within the JP Tower in the heart of Tokyo, the Marunouchi district. The museum showcases permanent exhibits about various pieces of scientific and cultural heritage owned by the University of Tokyo. The museum also hosts educational programs and events, which bring together different aspects of art and science such as geography, mathematics, archaeology, biology, engineering, anatomy, and modern art.

    Past Exhibits

    One of Intermediatheque’s past special exhibitions was “The Dawn of Design – From the Oldest Stone Tools to Handaxes.” Held from December 12, 2017, to April 8, 2018, the exhibit focused on the design of the earliest stone tools discovered in Ethiopia. This exhibit offered visitors the opportunity to learn about a unique part of early human history.

    Academic Adventure

    Intermediatheque is a museum open to children visiting, as they host educational programs for schoolchildren called “Academic Adventures.” Although only conducted in Japanese, this activity allows students to learn more about the exhibits in the museum. The museum also holds several seminars, lectures, and workshops in conjunction with their special exhibitions.

    Admission and Access

    Intermediatheque is open from 11:00 AM to 6:00 PM every day of the week except for Monday. In the case that a national holiday falls on a Monday, the museum will close Tuesday as well. Despite the museum’s obscure location, admission is free for the public.

    You can easily access it from the Marunouchi Southwest Exit of Tokyo Station. Just look to your left and you’ll be able to see the JP Tower building and entrance to KITTE after a few minutes’ walk. The entrance to the museum is on the second floor.

    The museum also has a boutique on the third floor, where you can buy original IMT products.

    Intermediatheque is a unique museum that has a dynamic approach to artistic expression. Come and visit it when you are in Tokyo!

    Intermediatheque Website

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