Discover These 2 Prominent Landmarks in Less-Frequented Cities of Aichi Prefecture

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  • Nagoya is one of the famous cities and travel destinations in Japan, but did you know that it is in Aichi Prefecture? Located in the middle of Japan, Aichi was the center of the Sengoku period and is considered as the “Land of the Samurai.” In fact, the three unifiers of Japan hail from this prefecture.

    There are lots of interesting spots in Aichi Prefecture but not all of them are well known, particularly those situated outside the city of Nagoya. However, visiting them will make you realize that they are as impressive as others and that they played a huge role in the history of Japan. Here are two of the most prominent and alluring places to see in other cities of Aichi!

    1. Okazaki Castle and Park (Okazaki City)

    Proud to be the birthplace of one of the three famous Japanese warlords – Tokugawa Ieyasu, who completed the unification of Japan and founded the Edo government and its first Shogun – the rebuilt Okazaki Castle is proclaimed as one of the “100 Fine Castles of Japan.”

    The castle exhibits the authentic parts of the original castle, including the samurai swords and armors. On the top level, you’ll be able to see a panoramic view of Mikawa.

    The park surrounding the castle showcases the life of Tokugawa Ieyasu and the local history of the area. Here you’ll find the central zone of Okazaki City where stone walls of the original castle were found, Tatsuki Shrine, a famous well apparently used for Ieyasu’s first bath, the Mikawa Bushi and Ieyasu Museum, and many other monuments and statues.

    Okazaki Park Website

    2. Kiso Sansen Park (Ichinomiya City)

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    This tower park consists of the Twin Arch 138 and the Kiso Sansen National Government Park.

    The Twin Arch 138, which got its name from the city’s name “Ichinomiya,” is a dual arch observation tower standing more than 100 meters above ground. It offers an enthralling panoramic view and is named as the tallest arch tower in Asia.

    Now, if seeing the city from such vantage point is still not enough, you can also enjoy a cup of coffee while admiring the amazing view. Yeap! There is a restaurant and a sky lounge on the observation floor, which gives you more reason to appreciate the sight of the city and the Kiso Valley. It’s really breathtaking!

    The Kiso Sansen National Government Park is the largest national government park in Japan, straddling Aichi, Gifu, and Mie prefectures. Its name refers to the three great rivers of Nagara, Kiso, and Ibi, which all pass by the park.

    Kiso Sansen Park is an ideal location for a picnic, especially if you are traveling with kids as they will surely enjoy running on the wide open lawns. It also features a play area with wooden playing facilities. If you forget to bring any food during your trip, you need not worry because there are food stands that will cater to your hunger.

    Kiso Sansen Park Website

    Learn about the history and culture of Japan by exploring these unknown spots in less-frequented areas of Aichi Prefecture. There is more to the country than just the capital city and its popular tourist spots.