Warm Biz −the Winter version of Cool Biz

  • In an attempt to reduce electricity consumption, the Japanese Ministry of Environment launched in 2005 the Cool biz campaign. Being very efficient and also quite popular, the winter equivalent was considered to be launched too: Warm Biz.


    The idea is to save electricity by not having to use so much the heating function of the air conditioning.
    Ways to save electricity in the winter are similar to the summer style, by wearing accordingly. Many major news networks were promoting the style and trying to encourage people to wear warmer clothes, such as waistcoats, knit sweaters and particular among women sitting in front of the computer: lap blankets.

    Warm Biz Campaign

    The idea was to set the heating of air conditioners to 20℃ to save energy. Most air conditioners are set to 25℃ and higher during cold winter time. This is often due to bad isolated Japanese houses or just the wish of having a warm and pleasant room. Sadly, Warm Biz was not endorsed by the Japanese government, for several reasons. Though the food industry strongly promoted this by selling foods that warm people up, such as nabemono or hot drinks, the enemy was clearly the electric utility industry, that had absolutely no interest for the campaign.

    In northern parts of Japan, like to Tohoku area and Hokkaido, fossil fuel heating is more popular than electric heating. Therefore, Warm Biz had unfortunately almost no effect on electric consumption. Because of that, the idea of Warm Biz nowadays is thought to be an environmental conservation, after all fossil fuel heating releases more carbon dioxide than air conditioners do.

    You can always do your part in saving bills and helping the environment during winter time, with the ideas of Warm Biz, and these advice on how to save energy:
    1. Warm up only one room in the house, rather than having all rooms cozy
    2. Use a timer when you plan on leaving the house and set it to 30min before you leave
    3. Isolate doors and windows
    4. Wear warm clothes and underwear
    5. Drink constantly hot drinks, preferable tea