Omotesando The Japanese Champs-Élysées

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  • The city of Tokyo has many different attractions, it can go from the modern hyper-developed styles to the unique and traditional one. And Tokyo has different attractive atmosphere by each area. If you want to go to meido cafe, you would go to “Akihabara” But, if you want shopping or looking for fashionable places, I highly recommend you to visit Aoyama district especially Omote-Sando.

    Aoyama District

    The Aoyama district in Tokyo is one of The most sophisticated area in Tokyo. There, you can find plenty of fashionable shops and beautiful modern buildings. It is even fun for just walking around to see the architecture through Harajuku station to Aoyama-itchome station. This area is well known as the best commercial district in Tokyo.


    Ometosando is well known as a fashionable place and there are hip shops around there, but there are also many business people working there such as publishers, designers, models, etc. So, people there come naturally over small cafes and shopping malls and it’s what make Ometosando mood so sophisticated.

    Omotesando Attractions

    In Christmas season, the street is crowded with people racing to see the beautiful illuminations along the street.
    A total of 163 zelkovas trees stand in front of luxury shops.

    One of the monumental places in Omotesando area is Omotesando Hills, located on the center of the street.
    Omotesando Hills opened in 2006, as a facility for commerce and luxurious residence. The beautiful modern architecture was designed by Tadao Ando who is a famous Japanese architect known internationally. The long arcade is separated from the East part and the main part of the building. The 80 years historical building, Dojunkai-apartment in the Omotesando-hills was redeveloped by the architectural group Mori-building. The renovated apartment is a part of Omotesando-hills now. Visitors can enter the apartment. This challenging renovation of the city was a success and it promoted more the area. visitors.

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