6 recommended Tohoku region sweets

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  • I like sweets a lot and living in Japan is a right choice for the sweet lovers. Here are some of the sweets that are famous and recommend to buy in Tohoku area (since i live in this region).


    Miyagi Hagi no Tsuki

    Hagi no Tsuki is one of the most famous sweet souvenirs from Miyagi prefecture, spongy cake filled with custard cream is the best combination ever, simple yet amazingly delicious. Fluffy with a soft texture are the main characteristics of this cake.

    Aomori Ringo Pie

    Aomori is famous for apple production in Japan, and is home of the famous Fuji Apple which was developed by farmers in this very city in the late 1930’s, sweets made from/with high quality Aomori apple are the best choice. Sweet and buttery apple pie could be the best souvenir for your loved one.

    Yamagata Kirara sakuranbo

    Cherry and Yamagata, you just cannot separate them. Kirara Sakuranbo is a cute jelly with whole cheery in the middle of it, REAL CHEERY of course. I like this sweets because of its “easy to eat” texture and, of course, the fresh taste.

    Iwate Kamome no Tamago

    This heavenly sweet is from Iwate, but are available in many places throughout Tohoku region. The quail eggs form sweet filling perfected with the red bean paste (but not limited to) and is covered in white chocolate that will melt in your mouth and put a smile on your face!

    Fukushima Peach Pie

    Did you know that Fukushima actually produced more than 20% of Japan’s peaches? Yes, peaches are Fukushima’s specialty. That is buying a soft and sweet peach pie from Fukushima is a very good idea!

    Akita Morokoshi

    This traditional sweet is made from mixed Azuki flour and sugar. With its grainy texture, Morokoshi will leave amazingly delicious aftertaste in your mouth. If you visit this prefecture, make sure to buy Morokoshi for friends or family.