Try Different Kinds of Affordable and Tasty Yakitori at This Restaurant in Japan!

  • When visiting Japan, food should be one of the top things on your list to try! This country is full of unique and interesting dishes, most of which you cannot find anywhere else, and due to the careful preparation by professional chefs and experienced enthusiasts, most of the food here is high quality and delicious. One of these great Japanese dishes is yakitori.

    Yakitori is a popular street food and pub snack involving different kinds of meat and vegetables on skewers. They are small enough where you can try several different kinds in one sitting and can come with salt-based or soy sauce-based sauce toppings. Yakitori is popular because of its variety, how easy it is to eat, and how it goes perfectly with beer!

    You can get yakitori in many restaurants, street food vendors, and even convenience stores. If you are looking to try many different kinds of yakitori in one place with reasonable prices and a friendly atmosphere, definitely try one of the many branches of Yakitori Center in Japan.

    Yakitori Center

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    This restaurant is a wide-open space with plenty of seats. It is fast-paced, so even if you arrive and there is a line of people waiting, you will still get in within a reasonable amount of time. Once you have sat down, you can order food and drinks with the touchscreen on your table.

    Yakitori Center is like a large izakaya, but with a warm and friendly atmosphere in which anyone can feel comfortable.

    The Menu

    The menu is easily laid out and is available in Japanese, Chinese, and English. The yakitori dishes are divided into chicken, meat roll-ups, original, beef, vegetables, and pork. Each portion (two skewers) is 280 yen unless otherwise stated, which is very reasonable.

    There is also a selection of salads, rice dishes and soups, and other snacks such as fries, deep-fried chicken gristle, and other usual Japanese pub food. Ideally, you should go as a group and order several different things to try.

    Chicken Wings

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    One of the special menu items is the pile of chicken wings, ideal to go in the middle of the table to share. It works out to 50 yen per piece, and you can choose 10, 20, 30, or 50 pieces! They are glazed with sauce and very tasty. If you love chicken, I highly recommend you get a plate of wings for the table.


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    As with most restaurants in Tokyo, there is a good drinks menu including soft drinks, beer, highballs (whisky and soda), and mixed drinks. They are also reasonably priced; when I went, my group had several drinks each and a lot of food, and ended up spending less than 2,000 yen each.

    Yakitori Center is a great place to go with friends. Bear in mind the restaurant itself can get very noisy, so it is not a place to go for a quiet night or a romantic date. It is ideal for a weekend night (though if you’re looking for a less crowded time, weekdays are better) to have fun and a laugh with your friends. With great food, plenty of drinks, quick service, great locations, and reasonable prices, Yakitori Center should definitely be on your list of restaurants to visit during your stay in Japan.

    Yakitori Center Website *Japanese only

    There are many branches, but we will introduce one of them here.