Top 5 LGBT Events in Tokyo

  • There are many ways for LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual or Transgender) to party, meet people, or get into the subculture of LGBT in Tokyo. Since approximately 5% of the country’s population is LGBT, that is a total of about 6 million people, more and more gay-related events are being held. For comparison: Tokyo’s 23 Ward have a population of approximately 9 million people.
    Besides parties and bars in the popular gay district of Toyko, there are other interesting LGBT events to find in the metropole of Tokyo. Most of them are related or held nearby Shinjuku Nichome. Here are the top 5 events/parties held (mostly) every year in Tokyo.

    1. Tokyo Rainbow Pride Parade

    Annual gay pride parade with the aim of raising awareness of LGBT issues in Japan, usually at the end of April and during the Golden Week.

    2. Asian Queer Film Festival

    Biannual film festival focussing on Asian independent gay films. It started in 2007 and usually runs over two consecutive weekends. The next was scheduled for 2015, but needed to be cancelled due to various factors.

    3. LGTB Partners

    Similar to arranged straight marriage meetings, this frequently held parties give the opportunity, to meet a potential partner.

    LGTB Partners*Japanese Only

    4. Beach Party

    Some famous gay bars or discos organize differents event outdoors to welcome everybody and promote the gay community. For example the upcoming event of Enoshima Beach Party organized by Glamourous.

    5. Tokyo International Lesbian and Gay Film Festival

    Annual film festival with film premieres, documentaries and short films. 2015 will be the 24th TIL&GFF held in July 11-20, so mark those dates in your calendar!

    Though more and more events appear, the reality is that the awareness of LGBT in Japan is rather low.
    Through a variety of activities, event makers and NPO groups are trying to to make the presence of LGBT widely accepted by the Japanese society, which is still a rather difficult task. Their idea is to form a society full of diversity, tolerance and compassion.

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