The surprising places you will find vending machines at

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  • Are you hungry? Maybe thirsty? Perhaps you want some booze or coffee to brighten up your day? Well, worry no more! The magical vending machine is here to save you. Why do I say so? As we all know vending machines in Japan are far from ordinary as they are taking them to a whole new level, beverages, snacks, ice cream, yakisoba and the variety of interesting goods can be purchased in the Japanese vending machines. In short, the sky is the limit to what is sold.

    But how to find a vending machine in Japan? Actually It’s everywhere. Yes, everywhere! Here are some of the places that you would not think you might find one in.

    On a side of the busy road or street

    You can find a lot of vending machines on the busy road that are more than willing to offer you what you need, whether it’s beverages, food or even a pack of cigarettes. According to Official tourist organization, Japan was recorded to have the highest ratio of vending machines in the entire world with 5,52 millions of vending machines over all.

    Secluded or Dark places

    Don’ be scared if you will see a vending machine somewhere in a dark area or on an empty street, it’s not a ghost nor a lost vending machine, don’t report it to police. Basically, they just really are everywhere, in almost every corner. Sometimes, when you come across them it makes you wonder if anyone ever uses them at all. Well the catch here is if you need something from the vending machine, there’s no need to interact with people, just insert your coin and Presto! You already have your light meal or chips.

    At the park

    There is no need to worry If you went to the park and forgot to bring your snacks and water with you, because the vending machines are like round the clock retailers ready to serve you like any normal konbini. According to the Association of Japan Vending Machine Manufacturers, there is one vending machine per an estimated twenty three people, just imagine how many that is.

    At the train station

    Need some refreshments while waiting for the train to arrive? Well our magical vending machine will never let you down! They are just within your reach and ready to take your thirst away. Plus there’s no need for human interaction, easy peasy right? Now, Could you imagine vending machines like this in the middle of a busy downtown train station?

    The vending machines may not have a magic wand to grant us our wishes but they surely are just everywhere to suit our simple needs. As we all know vending machine’s primary aim is to make life easier for both the venders and the consumers..