Out of Plans? Apply to Japanese Universities!

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  • If you are confused about what you are going to do next in life, or are simply out of plans, there is a new idea for you. Why not just apply to study in one of the Universities in Japan and try starting a new life here?

    Some people may think that enrolling into Japanese universities is a difficult thing. But, if the luck is on your side, who knows? So from now, don’t worry too much about your life and try to apply to study in one of the Japanese universities, as you never know what the future might bring!

    How To Enroll

    There are many ways to enrol into Japanese universities. For your information, 90% of international students in Japan have funded scholarships! So, now you know that you have quite a big chance to apply for and study with scholarship.

    Scholarship in Japan can be obtained in different ways. Some of them are given by embassy selections, some by university selections. Scholarship providers also vary. Most of students get scholarship from the Japanese government through Japanese embassy, that scholarship is called Monbukagakusho. This scholarship reaches students in many countries all over the world. So don’t think twice to check it. The other scholarships come from international organizations such as World Bank, ADB, IMF, and etc. Other scholarships are provided by local organizations and private companies. So, to get more detailed information, it is recommended for you to contact the school you want to enrol directly, and you will know what kind of scholarships available and how to apply.

    The websites below will provide you the information of scholarships in Japan
    Monbukagakusho website
    ADB website
    IMF website
    World Bank website
    JASSO website

    Please note that you will possibly find other scholarship programs on the universities’ websites or if you contact the school directly as I mentioned.

    Why Japan?

    Why would you want to choose Japan as a place to study? There are many reasons to study in this country, one of them is the education quality provided by its schools. Some Japanese universities are the best in Asia and even in the world. So don’t hesitate about the quality. If you want to know Japanese Universities ranking, please check the website below!

    Webometrics website

    Wish you the best of luck!