Top 7 Interesting Things to Do When You Visit Kobe Harborland in Japan

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  • While it is true that Kobe is synonymous with Kobe beef, the 6th largest city of Japan has much more to offer. Kobe Harborland is one such gem of Kobe City that has unparalleled shopping, dining, and entertainment options. Located between JR Kobe Station and the city’s port area, it is an idyllic spot to spend romantic evenings, watch beautifully illuminated buildings, and dine in one of the numerous top class cafes and restaurants.

    Here are the top seven things to do when you visit Kobe Harborland:

    1. Shop and dine at Kobe Harborland umie

    The various brands that are housed in the umie mall are a treat for all shopaholics. The mall is divided into three: MOSAIC, NORTH MALL, and SOUTH MALL. There are over 225 stores, ranging from clothing and apparel to gourmet and miscellaneous goods.

    Many restaurants on the deck overlook the harbor and give splendid views of Kobe Port Tower and Kobe Maritime Museum which dazzle after sunset when they are illuminated. From fancy fine dining restaurants to your typical coffee shops, umie has something for everyone.

    Kobe Harborland umie Website

    2. Walk along Kobe Gaslight Street

    The Gaslight Street passes through the center of Kobe Harborland and is truly a sight to behold. It is a street that is lit up with old-fashioned gas street lights and electric lamps. The trees and lights enhance the beauty of the buildings on either side, which makes a great spot for taking memorable pictures.

    Kobe Gaslight Street Website

    3. Ride the MOSAIC Ferris Wheel

    The MOSAIC Ferris Wheel paints the Kobe skyline with multicolored lights and is an ideal date spot for couples from all over. And guess what! You can enjoy riding it even in the summer as each gondola is air-conditioned!

    MOSAIC Ferris Wheel Website *Japanese only

    4. Visit the Kobe Anpanman Children’s Museum & Mall

    At the southern end of MOSAIC near the Ferris wheel, there is the Anpanman Children’s Museum. It is a museum dedicated to the extremely popular manga and anime series about the bread-headed superhero.

    Kobe Anpanman Children’s Museum & Mall Website

    5. Shop at the Kobe Brick Warehouse HARBOR STORES

    The Kobe Brick Warehouse is a collection of 19th-century brick warehouses that remain from a former dockyard that used to cover the waterfront.
    These brick buildings were renovated and are now occupied by restaurants and shops.

    Kobe Brick Warehouse HARBOR STORES Website

    6. Relax at Kobe Harborland Onsen Manyo Club

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    The Kobe Harborland Onsen Manyo Club is located on the top floors of Promena KOBE. It is a 24-hour hot spring facility that offers amazing views of the entire city from some of the baths.

    Kobe Harborland Onsen Manyo Club Website

    7. Take a cruise on the Kobe Concerto

    Get on the Concerto ship from Kobe Harborland and enjoy delicious Cantonese fare prepared by China’s Great Chef Masters, Resident Chef Chung Chik Wing, using Kobe beef and the freshest seafood from the nearby seas of Akashi. Accompanied by lovely live music, cruising on the Concerto will surely be an unforgettable experience in Kobe.

    Kobe Concerto Website

    Kobe Harborland has a plethora of activities that are entertaining, interesting, and worthwhile. Whether traveling alone or with your family or friends, make sure to visit and soak in the brilliant views of the city that are visible from this place.

    Kobe Harborland Website

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