Feeling Shy? Relax With Your Swimsuits on at These 4 Hot Springs Near Tokyo

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  • Bathing in a hot spring (onsen) has been a part of the Japanese culture since time immemorial. It’s one of their recreational activities, which is truly relaxing and rejuvenating.

    Many foreign tourists would also want to try bathing in an onsen and experience its many health benefits, however, some of them are hesitant to do so because of the requirement of being completely naked. Good thing that there are now some onsen facilities that allow guests to wear bathing suits. Check out some of them which are near Tokyo!

    1. Toshimaen Niwa no Yu (豊島園庭の湯)

    Not far from Central Tokyo is Toshimaen Niwa no Yu. Located in Northwest Tokyo, this facility has a large indoor pool for mixed genders where powerful jets of water are released to give a relaxing massage. There are also outdoor baths, saunas, and a Japanese garden with various seasonal flowers.

    For guests who suddenly have the courage to try bathing in hot springs without any covering, Toshimaen Niwa no Yu also has separate non-swimsuit baths for men and women.

    Toshimaen Niwa no Yu Website *Japanese only

    2. Oedo Onsen Monogatari Urayasu Mangekyo (大江戸温泉物語 浦安万華郷)

    Step back in time while taking a dip at Oedo Onsen Monogatari Urayasu Mangekyo. This onsen is located in Urayasu, Chiba, which only takes about less than 30 minutes by train from Central Tokyo. Not to be confused with its popular branch in Tokyo’s Odaiba, this hot spring theme park has bath facilities wherein swimwear is allowed.

    The interiors of this complex are reminiscent of the Edo period, where guests can enjoy looking around while wearing a yukata. Japanese-style rooms are also available where you can stay overnight.

    Oedo Onsen Monogatari Urayasu Mangekyo Website *Japanese only

    3. Hakone Kowakien YUNESSUN (箱根小涌園ユネッサン)

    Kanagawa Prefecture’s Hakone Kowakien YUNESSUN offers a different kind of onsen experience. Located about less than two hours by train from Tokyo, this onsen theme park is popular because of its one-of-a-kind hot springs, particularly the coffee, green tea, and wine baths. These baths are part of the YUNESSUN area wherein bathing suits are permitted. Other baths found in this area are the giant water slide and the open-air outdoor bath with a magnificent view of the mountains.

    There is also another bathing area called Mori no Yu where the use of hot springs requires visitors to take off swimsuits. Similar to the YUNESSUN area, Mori no Yu also has both indoor and outdoor baths.

    Hakone Kowakien YUNESSUN Website

    4. Enoshima Island Spa (江の島アイランドスパ)

    Enoshima Island Spa is another hot spring in Kanagawa Prefecture that allows the wearing of swimsuits. This place is a great getaway from the hustle and bustle of Tokyo as it only takes about an hour by train from the metropolis. Visitors will be able to enjoy soaking in a hot spring with bathing suits on while appreciating the breathtaking views of Mt. Fuji and the surrounding sea.

    This onsen spa also offers various massage and body treatments, such as hot stone massage and shiatsu massage, for a complete relaxation experience.

    Enoshima Island Spa Website

    Relaxing in an onsen wearing nothing is no longer a problem for foreigners. Giving these swimsuit-allowed hot spring facilities a try will not only let you experience Japanese culture but will also make you feel refreshed and rejuvenated, so don’t miss out on your next Japan trip!