4 Spots in the Trendy Tokyo Neighborhood of Jiyugaoka

  • The massive Japanese metropolis of Tokyo attracts millions of tourists each year. The region is home to a number of famous landmarks such as Senso-ji Temple, Akihabara, and Shibuya’s famous Scramble Crossing that sees thousands of pedestrian per minute.

    These are just a few of the many spots you will find on any blog, website, or guidebook. Although these places are indeed fantastic, there is so much more to Tokyo than these very famous and often quite crowded districts, such as the trendsetting district, Jiyugaoka.


    Considered a trendy hidden gem of Tokyo, Jiyugaoka, which literally means “Freedom Hill” and was named so after its liberal education, is around 10 minutes from Shibuya on the Tokyu Toyoko Line and one of the most desirable places to live in the whole city! Its charming alleys and stylish atmosphere make it a peaceful and trendy place to visit. It has a perpetual relaxed weekend vibe and because it isn’t as famous as, say, Ueno or Harajuku, it is hardly ever overcrowded.

    After World War II, modern railway travel put this area on the map. So what can you do in this lovely little area? Here are four underrated locations I found during my visit.

    1. La Vita

    Coming across this little taste of Europe makes you feel like you’ve stepped right into Italy. There are many cafes and shops here which provide many opportunities to sip on a relaxing tea and take in the atmosphere of this cute little slice of Italy.

    2. Kumano Shrine

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    There are shrines dotted all over the place in Japan, the most famous of which are often packed with people wanting to pray and tourists taking photographs. This nice little shrine close to La Vita is quiet and peaceful, surrounded by trees with a really tranquil atmosphere. If you visit on weekends or special days like weekday holidays, you’ll often find local vendors selling handmae goods, ornaments, and jewelry.


    3. Puppily Hills Tokyo

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    As with many trendy neighborhoods in Japan, Jiyugaoka is a haven for dog lovers! Puppily Hills has an adorable pink Europe-inspired castle look and inside, there is a huge selection of dog clothes, beds, and accessories. There are dogs on staff at the store that model the clothing!

    You can come and just admire the building, or if you know someone with a small dog back home (think around the same size as a toy poodle), this shop offers good ideas for ridiculously cute souvenirs.

    Puppily Hills Tokyo Website *Japanese only

    4. Peter Rabbit Garden Cafe

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    Peter Rabbit fans need look no further for their perfect cafe in Jiyugaoka. Here you will find Peter Rabbit-themed food and drink including salads, sandwiches, curries, and cake sets shaped and styled to match the theme. For a special (albeit a little expensive) treat, visit this cafe for lunch.

    Peter Rabbit Garden Cafe Website

    Aside from these gems, Jiyugaoka is famous for shopping, cafes, and cakes. It is definitely worth a visit on a weekend to soak up the relaxing atmosphere and explore the little alleyways to find unique shops by day and bars by night. It’s no wonder this is one of the most desirable areas in Tokyo, find out way by making a trip out here yourself the next time you’re in Tokyo.

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