Want to Enjoy Kyoto While Avoiding the Summer Heat? Check These 11 Spots Out!

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  • With the Gion Festival happening in July, a large number of people will surely be visiting Kyoto during the summer season. However, the summer heat in Kyoto is not to be taken as a joke, so here are 11 places around the area where you can avoid the heat and enjoy your vacation at the same time!

    1. Arashiyama Bamboo Grove

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    This place never seems to disappoint; the whole area is covered with bamboo trees shielding you from the hot sun. The only downside is mosquitoes, so remember to bring bug repellent!

    You can also watch cormorant fishing (ukai) here in the evening.


    2. Kifune Shrine

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    To reach this shrine, you can choose to walk up the hill or ride a shuttle bus – I advise the latter option. Upon reaching the top part of the hill, you can easily feel the breeze coming from the river!

    Aside from the cool breeze, you can also have some nagashi somen (flowing noodles) at Hirobun, which is the only place in Kyoto that serves this, or enjoy some local kaiseki (traditional Japanese multi-course dinner) with the river flowing underneath you.

    Kifune Shrine Website *Japanese only

    3. Kyoto International Manga Museum

    Tons of manga and manga-related exhibitions are waiting for you at this indoor museum. What’s more is that passes such as the Kyoto City Subway Pass, the Kyoto Freepass, and the Kyoto Kimono Passport allow pass holders to enjoy discounts on the museum admission fee.

    Kyoto International Manga Museum Website

    4. Kyoto Aquarium

    An edutainment-oriented facility, this aquarium boasts up to nine zones of exhibits. There are also activities and animal shows in which visitors can interact with the animals!

    Kyoto Aquarium Website

    5. Nishiki Market and Teramachi Shopping Street

    Shopping is a must whenever you visit Japan! These two shopping streets in Kyoto are adjacent to each other. Whatever you want – be it food, anime goods, fashion goods, or cosmetics – just name it and they’ll have it. The streets are roofed so you won’t have to worry about the sun.

    Nishiki Market Website *Japanese only

    Teramachi Shopping Street Website *Japanese only

    6. Don Quijote

    Locally known as “Donki” in Japan, this discount store offers a great variety of food, clothes, stationery, etc. Not only that, but tourists also can enjoy tax-free shopping here!

    To find their store locations in Kyoto, click here.

    Don Quijote Website
    Access (There are many branches, but we will introduce one of them here.)

    7. Mt. Rokko

    Mt. Rokko will definitely not disappoint in the middle of summer. Visit its Alpine Botanical Garden and even pet some sheep!

    This mountain is located in Kobe, which is easily accessible from Kyoto.

    Mt. Rokko Website

    8. Kyoto Railway Museum

    Trains in Japan are well known for their punctuality. In 2016, this railway museum was built to show people the railway history in Kyoto and the rest of the country. With 53 vehicle exhibits, this is an absolute must-visit.

    Kyoto Railway Museum Website

    9. Kyoto National Museum

    One of the major art museums in Japan, the Kyoto National Museum hosts different exhibitions in its Special Exhibition Hall. Lots of pre-modern Japanese and Asian artworks are housed here. Besides that, there are a few hundred exhibits that have been designated as Important Cultural Properties and National Treasures of Japan.

    Kyoto National Museum Website

    10. Asahi Suita Brewery

    Beer in the summer is definitely the best. Go book a tour of this brewery in Osaka, just an hour away from Kyoto by train, and enjoy freshly brewed beer. Their beer tasting allows up to three glasses per person!

    Asahi Suita Brewery Website

    11. Genko-an Temple

    Many probably have not heard of this temple since it is secluded. The main attraction of this place is its zen garden and its round and square windows.

    Genko-an Temple Website

    During the summer, it is most important to stay hydrated, especially since summer in Japan is known to be hot and humid. With the places mentioned above, you will surely enjoy your time in Kyoto no matter the season!

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