5 Fun and Free Things to Do on Your Birthday in Japan

  • Birthdays come in a limited number, so it is important to make the most out of the ones that you get! If you happen to be lucky enough to be spending your birthday in Japan, there are plenty of benefits that come with your special day. Here are five things not to miss out on!

    1. Tokyo Joypolis

    Tokyo Joypolis is an indoor theme park run by SEGA and located in Odaiba, just a few minutes from Tokyo Teleport Station. While a ticket for entry will normally set you back 4,300 yen, visiting on your birthday month will reduce the price to 3,800 yen and visiting on your actual birthday will let you enter entirely for free!

    If you are looking to surprise a friend or family member, you can also show a birthday message on the big screen (called LOPIT Birthday Show) by talking to the staff at least two hours in advance of wanting to show the message.

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    2. Pokémon Center

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    No point in hiding it, we know that you still play Pokémon, so why not celebrate your birthday at one of Japan’s many official Pokémon Centers?

    If you visit a Pokémon Center during your birthday month and talk to the service counter, not only will you get a free birthday card and a birthday crown, but also a 5% discount valid for anything in the store and your choice of one of three special Pokémon characters transferred to your Pokémon Sun and Moon or Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon game on the 3DS.

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    3. Yokohama Landmark Tower

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    The Yokohama Landmark Tower is a great place for shopping, with more than 170 different shops perfect for treating yourself to a nice present.

    On your birthday, you also gain free access to the Sky Garden, a 360-degree viewing platform at 273 meters above sea level. Entry is normally 1,000 yen, but if you visit on your birthday, not only do you get to enter for free, but you can also bring up to four guests with you, who will each get 300 yen off of the entry price as well as a free drink ticket.

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    4. Karaoke no Tetsujin (King of System)

    While the tradition is for others to sing to you on your birthday, if you feel like belting out a few songs of your own at a karaoke establishment, Karaoke no Tetsujin will give you free use of a room (though your friends will still have to pay). What is even better is that you are allowed to use the room for however long you feel like, so don’t hold back!

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    5. TGI Fridays

    No birthday would be complete without something sweet for dessert, and while the staff in almost every restaurant that you go to in Japan will sing you a cheery birthday song if you let them know it is your special day, TGI Fridays will throw in a dessert and a framed birthday photo as well! Choices will vary but previous offers have included cake, sundaes, and donuts!

    Even if you do not have a sweet tooth, TGI Fridays is a great place to go for a few drinks with your friends and reminisce about your past year’s achievements.

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    Whichever place you decide to visit on your special day, make sure to bring a photo ID with your name and date of birth on it, as you will be asked for proof in order to claim your birthday benefits. Happy Birthday!

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