Unusual Japanese Potato Chip Flavours

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  • The all-time favourite snack at home has been revolutionised in Japan, as so many things before. You might have seen some unusual flavours of various kinds of things, but have you ever seen wasabi potato chips? Or even lemon flavoured? Do not worry, with these potato chips you will not become a couch potato, they are usually sold in small quantities.

    Check out the next supermarket or convenience store. Here are the top 5 of curiosities only available in Japan!

    Calbee’s salt and lemon peel (塩レモン味)

    With 8 standard flavours, 13 area limited versions, 3 flavours only available for a certain period and four flavours sold only in convenience stores, the Japanese snack maker Calbee definitely found a nice summer flavour with these sour tasting salt and lemon chips!

    Please note, as of 2017 this product is no longer for sale.

    Yamayoshi’s Wasa-beef potato chips(わさビーフ)

    This has a smart word-play to it: wasabi and beef are mixed into “wasa-beef”. The wasabi is not overpowering and you can get easily addicted to it, so be warned!

    Calbee’s potato chips – ume aji (梅味)

    Though the plum blossom season is over, these original tasting potato chips never get boring. With a bit of a sour taste to it, those are the perfect snack for Japanese food lovers!

    Please note, as of 2017 this product is no longer for sale.

    Calbee’s Jagariko

    Standard flavours are salad, cheese, jaga butter (potato and butter), and tarako butter (fish eggs and butter). As usual, there are various limited variations on the market. Japanese believe (we do too!) that as long as it is not “always” available, people have only a limited time to buy it and the rarity will improve sales.

    The snack’s name “Jagariko” is another word play
    “Jaga” derived from “jagaimo” and means “potato”.
    “gari” from “gari gari” means “crispy”.
    And “ko”? Probably from “kodomo” = “child”.
    So: “the crispy potato kid”, or “for kids, who love crispy potatoes” if translated freely.
    Calbee has been selling “Jagariko” since 1995 and it is an extremely popular snack!

    One rare flavour would be “Corn butter コーンバター’, But it is only available until the middle of March 2018.

    Frito Flavours

    It is not that people do not know about crazy flavours in Japan, like Calbee’s salt & lemon peel or Yamayoshi’s Wasabeef. Other snack companies like Frito Lay bought also exclusively delicious, only available, in Japan flavours. Everyone outside of Japan must be insanely jealous and it is highly recommended to try these once you come to Japan: one would be Avocado & Cheese Doritos (トルティーヤチップス アボカド&チーズ味) and Late Night Spicy Chicken Doritos (レイトナイトスパイシーチキン味). Proving once more, that Japan is superior to other countries when it comes to snacking, one might wonder, how most of the Japanese stay slim. Let us have a more detailed look into the flavours, sold in Japan only.

    Avocado & Cheese Tortillas

    Being made of tortilla dough, these perfect sized mini-chips are especially popular among girls. With a very elegant package, it is the first time these are on the market. Due to a double layered flavour, these chips are rich in flavour and quality. Enjoy the flavour of a soft avocado mixed with deep flavoured cream cheese.

    Tomato & Basil Tortillas

    These tortilla chips are again based of tortilla dough and have been double flavour coated to ensure a rich and wonderful taste. They taste like a juicy tomato with the sweet-sour taste of basil flavour, adjusted to the taste of adults, rather than children.

    Please note, as of 2017 this product is no longer for sale.

    Royal Tandoori Chicken Doritos

    Another dorito flavour, this crispy snack has an excellent bite to it. Perfect for those adults, who are searching different kind of snack. The taste is described as a slowly spreading chicken flavour with a spicy touch to it.

    Please note, as of 2017 this product is no longer for sale.

    Royal Keema Curry Doritos

    Lining up next to the Indian curry rice themed potato chips, this flavour will definitely remind you of a Curry Rice restaurant. It tastes like chicken, cooked in a nice and rich tomato keema curry pot.

    Please note, as of 2017 this product is no longer for sale.