“Macchan” The Last Man of Fukushima

  • Naoto Matsumura (松村直登), also known as “The Last Man of Fukushima” is the only person that still lives in Tomioka, Japan after the area was zoned off as an exclusion zone due to the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant disaster that followed the giant earthquake and tsunami. Tomioka is seven miles from Fukushima’s nuclear power plant, but he decided to stay to take care of the animals that were left behind after their owners were forced to leave the area.

    Matsumura, nicknamed Macchan, left his home in Tomioka along with the rest of his family but returned a few days later to feed his farm dogs who had not been fed for several days. All of the people living in the area left their homes right after the earthquake thinking that they would be able to come back soon enough to take care of their pets but Macchan found that his neighbours had not been able to come back and take care of their pets.

    Since his initial visit, Macchan has been feeding the area’s animals every day. He first started with the dogs and cats and eventually saw that the livestock in the exclusion area were suffering as well. More than a hundred cattle starved to death as they were abandoned in a barn and other livestock were euthanized due to government orders.

    Four years after the disaster, Macchan feeds the animals with the help of donations he has received from the kind hearted people wishing to support his humanitarian actions. Ways to donate to him and his great cause can be found Here on his official blog so if possible please help support Macchan by donating or by spreading words of his actions.