Check Out This Japanese Motor Company Giving Cars Retro Makeovers!

  • The auto marketed is dominated across the world by exotic vehicles that attract the attention of any gearhead. While Japan attracts its fair share of international brands, domestic car manufacturers like Toyota and Honda have developed sophisticated designs as well. These Japanese car companies are noted for their original, slick, and interesting coachbuilding and engine designs.

    A little-known fact about cars in Japan is that there are actually some motor companies that redesign famous cars to give them a new look. These redesigns result in interesting new models that many car companies wouldn’t give a release in the first place. We took a look at a few of these companies that are spicing up Japanese driving.


    Since its inception in 1968, Mitsuoka has gained a cult following as it carved a unique path through the auto industry. It is most famous for taking a few famous car models belonging to larger companies like Nissan, then relaunching them with retro-styled designs similar to what was once popular with western automobile manufacturers in the mid-20th century. If you’re looking for a unique car model that’s eyecatching and practical, Mitsuoka could be your supplier.

    The company remodels cars such as the Nissan March and the Toyota Corolla, which are still in production today, and make them look like cars from the vintage era. That means you could drive a retro-looking, stylish car with an awesome build without compromising its performance or speed.

    Mitsuoka is based in Toyama and is one of the fastest-growing motor companies in Japan. Their models are quickly gaining popularity among communities who love custom car designs. Let’s have a look at some of the Mitsuoka models and the inspiration behind their designs!

    1. The Galue

    One of Mitsuoka’s most famous lines is the Galue Series, which has taken inspiration mainly from Nissan and Toyota models. If you want to own a car that looks like the Bentley 8 or the Jaguar Mark 2, the Galue Series is what you should look for. For example, the new generation Galue 204 has the same outer body grilles as earlier Bentley models; however, it has the same interiors and engine as the Corolla Axio. Older models released under the Galue Series have all been inspired by Nissan’s lineup such as the Nissan Crew, the Nissan Cedric Y34, and the Nissan Fuga. After Mitsuoka’s makeover, you would not believe that these small passenger cars from Nissan look like epic sedan Bentleys.

    If you are a fan of convertibles or open-roof cars, look no further than Mitsuoka’s Galue Convertible, which was framed over the Ford Mustang and looks like a previous model, namely the Galue III, and the Himiko Series, which mimics the popular roadsters from the post-war era such as the Jaguar XK120. The company is promoting their Himiko cars as vehicles perfect for wedding couples to take off in.

    2. The Viewt

    Mitsuoka also has a series of small hatchback cars, namely the Viewt Series, that look like the ’60s sensation Jaguar Mark 2 but run on the engine of the popular Nissan March.

    3. The Orochi

    If you are wondering about concept vehicles released by Mitsuoka, then the Orochi Series fit the bill perfectly, as there are spectacular limited edition cars like the Orochi Evangelion, which looks like something you would see in a mecha anime or tokusatsu television show.

    The Orochi cars are very expensive and received only a limited production run ending in 2014. Rather than being meant for mass consumer use, they were mainly made for publicity purposes. However, these supercars are not entirely original as they were manufactured using the Honda Acura model. Despite being criticized for its exorbitant price tag, the Mitsuoka Orochi continues to be an outlier and of interest to specific groups of people.

    Do you want a car that draws attention as you rev through the streets? Mitsuoka is already generating billions of yen in net income, and it’s surely going to be much more popular across the globe with its unique models.

    Mitsuoka Motor Website