5 Refreshing Places Worth Visiting in Osaka

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  • Sometimes when we travel to, or start to live at a new place, and we are thinking of where to go, we tend to choose the most popular- which happen to be the most crowded too- places. But are there cool places you can visit and yet feel relaxed?
    The answer is YES. If you happen to visit Osaka on your next trip to Japan, or you are currently roaming around in Osaka, don’t miss the chance to visit one of these five relaxing spots.

    1. Expo’70 Commemorative Park (a.k.a Banpaku Kinen Koen)


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    This big park -located in Suita city- was the former site of Japan World Exhibition held in 1970. It contains many cultural, and recreation facilities such as Japanese-style garden, Expoland amusement park and a spa. With an admission fee of only 250円, you can visit this wonderful park in all seasons, and still feel really refreshed with every step you walk.

    Expo’70 Commemorative Park

    2. Kemasakuranomiya Park

    This riverside park is known for being a cherry blossom viewing spot as it has 4,800 cherry trees. Even, when it isn’t spring, this park is a great place for strolling and jogging. If you are like me, and you are not into wandering around, then for a full sense of relaxation, just lay down on one of the many benches around, and enjoy the surroundings while sorting out your thoughts.


    3. Umeda Sky Building

    If you are a fan of brilliant city night view, then this definitely is for you. You can enjoy a full night view of Osaka from the top of Umeda Sky Building, a skyscraper with an unusual architectural design. It takes 10 minutes from JR Osaka station to reach this place. I guarantee that time you spent up there will make you fall for Osaka over and over!

    Umeda Sky Building

    4. Tempozan Ferris Wheel

    You will find this wheel of a height of 112.5m- at Tempozan Harbor Village, next to Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan, one of the largest aquariums in the world. During this ride, which will cost you 800 yen for adults, you will be able to see Osaka Bay and surrounding areas such as Kansai International Airport. So, whether it is night or day, alone or with a companion you are going to enjoy a spectacular view.


    5. Osaka Castle Park

    For an enjoyable lunch or dinner time, just pack your food (A bento or homemade food) and head to Osaka Castle Park. Osaka Castle Park is one of the largest parks in Osaka, and besides its wonderful nature, it offers a large athletic field, a baseball field, a football field and an open air music theatre and concert hall. In addition, they are many old buildings and structures from the Edo period such as stone walls of outer moats. And, of course, don’t forget that you can visit the majestic Osaka Castle.

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    Osaka Castle

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