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    Manga is a popular thing in Japan among Japanese or foreign people. We have already known about some manga museum, especially Ghibli museum in Tokyo. In Kyoto, there is also a manga museum. This place is called Kyoto International Manga Museum.

    Kyoto International Manga Museum is established as a collaboration of local residents. And it has been built on the former site of Tatsuike Primary School. This place is a project under the effigy of Kyoto city and Kyoto Seika University.

    A Museum to Enjoy and Learn More About Manga

    All of the collected animation materials in this museum are used for systematic research and study. This museum itself aims to reach several objectives, including research, life-long learning, tourism promotion and new industry creation. This museum becomes a place to research about manga through various collections of books and related materials. As a part of a research, this museum supports the collaboration of writers, producers, publishers, editors to promote practical application. The museum is a rich base for researchers and specialist who will play a role in promoting manga culture in the future.

    This museum has around 300,000 collections of manga related materials. It don’t come only from Japan but also from other countries. The collection from Japan itself has been gained since Meiji period (1868-1912). The huge variation of collections have made this museum as the largest manga collection museum in the world.

    In the museum, there is cafe and shop. In the cafe, you can admire the characters illustrations drawn by manga artists who visited the events held in the museum. And the museum shop has many things to offer. You can buy postcards, cookies, stationaries, t-shirts, purses, shocks, any souvenirs as well as Manga books and Manga research books.

    How To Get Here

    Kyoto International Manga Museum
    Karasuma-Oike, Nagakyo-ku, Kyoto Japan
    You can go by:
    -Kyoto city bus number 15, 51 and 61, right in front of the Karasuma Oike bus stop
    -Kyoto bus number 61, 62, and 63, right in front of the Karasuma Oike bus stop.
    Ps. There is no parking place, so please use public transport.

    Kyoto International Manga Museum

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