What is This Unusual ”Mizukiri” Competition in Kochi Prefecture?

  • Did you know that there was an international competition for skipping stones, held in Kochi prefecture in Japan every year?
    Every summer since 2003, the Mizukiri International Competition has been held at Niyodo River in Kochi prefecture.

    What is Mizukiri?

    Mizukiri is the Japanese word for ‘stone skipping’. Stone skipping is a sport in which the participants throw flat stones sideways into a river in a way that they skip across the surface of the water.

    The Competition

    Three components are considered when choosing the international mizukiri champion: form/style, distance and the number of times the rock skipped on the water’s surface.

    There are three divisions that you can compete in. The men’s division, the women’s division and the kids division. In the first round, each contestant throws their rock once and if chosen, they are allowed to move on to the final round. In the final tournament, if you win three times against your opponent you get to move forward. There are even people at the competition who bring their own rocks in boxes or bags! (Usually everybody just chooses a fitting stone from the river at the time of the competition).
    Most of the people are ready to camp by the river to enjoy not only the competition but just being at the river itself.

    There are a lot of people who enter this competition and even the contestants who pass the first round with flying colours, sometimes fail to even make the stone skip once in the tournament round due to the sheer pressure from the other contestants.
    This competition is open to people from all countries so why not join this year for your chance to become the stone skipping world champion?!
    You can participate in this year’s Mizukiri International Competition from THIS page.