Fireworks and Lantern Festival in Miyazu, Kyoto

  • Every year in the month of August, this festival takes place in Tango (Northern Sea-side part of Kyoto) region of Japan. It is a very colorful, warm, bright and festive event that lights up not only the skies but also your life. If you are in Tango by any chance during that time, you do not want to miss it.

    This festival has started in the Edo period and is one of the biggest events in the region. Many hundreds of tourists both young and old take part and enjoy watching the night lights that adorn the skies and sea. It happens near Amanohashidate in Miyazu downtown area. Not one or two, ten thousand lanterns flow in the sea together with 3000 fireworks that last for hours on August 16, 2015.



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    Miyazu is a city located in Kyoto prefecture of Japan which was formed in the late 50`s as a port that would suffice trade with the UK and the US then. It has sister cities like Nelson in New Zealand and Delray Beach in the US. Miyazu area is the home for Amanohashidate, also known as “The Bridge to Heaven”. It is also a famous place for cyclists and backpackers. There are many restaurants which serve local wines and seafood. Hakurei is a relatively famous Sake brewery which offers you a free 30 minutes tour but with prior reservation. It is easily accessible from Amanohashidate and the destination station is called Tango-Yura. Hot springs and Onsens near Miyazu are also seen attracting many visitors not only from different parts of Japan but also from abroad. Miyazu is situated in between Kyoto and Osaka, and it takes two to three hours to get to it from either of them. So, grab a ticket in the Summer for this wonderful festival that needs not to be missed.

    Amanohashidate website

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