Monju-do Defune Dragon Festival

  • What is Monju-do Defune?

    It is a traditional festival that takes, every year, place based on a legend. There is a stage made on the sea and dragon-dance performances are held with bright illuminations and pine torches. The performance ends with luminous fireworks that captivate anyone. According to the legend, there was a dragon which was violent and was causing trouble to people in the village. One day, the god of wisdom, Monju, came and fought with the dragon. He preached wisdom to him and made the dragon a guardian spirit of the village. To mark that story, every year gold and silver dragon performances take place with fabulous music and lights.

    When and Where?

    This event takes place in Amanohashidate near Chionji Temple in Kyoto region. This is one of the biggest temples of the region and is an ancient cultural property.It is dedicated to Bodhisattva Monju and is believed that one could attain wisdom here. That is why, it is a prominent place for many students preparing for exams and families with children. It is one of the oldest temples in Japan dating back to the 9th century of Engi era and is a symbol of Japanese Zen Buddhism. It is open any time of the year for free. There are only three temples for Monju in Japan. Other two are in Nara and Yamagata prefectures. The temple is popularly known as ‘Sannin Yoreba Monjunochie’ which means ‘out of the counsel of three comes wisdom’. Other names of the temple are ‘Kireto no Monju’ and ‘Kuseto no Monju’. The date of the upcoming Dragon festival is July 24th and is going to happen in the evening on that day. The opening ceremony starts at 7.30 pm and the dragon dance and fireworks from 8 pm. The best thing about this festival is that you can try to perform some dragon dance moves for free after the fireworks.

    Monju-do Defune Dragon Festival Informations

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