My Top 3 Favorite Japanese Food! What’s Yours?

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  • Like anybody else, I love food. And I love Japanese food. Every one of us has our own preferences with regards to anything. Some might be the same and some might be different. I have my own list of my favourite Japanese food. Let’s see if it is the same with yours.

    1. Yakiniku

    I am a carnivore. I am not a vegetarian. And what does a carnivore eat? Meat. Yes, meat. I’m glad, Japan has yakiniku. Niku means meat, and so yakiniku means grilled meat. The best place to eat yakiniku is, of course, in a buffet restaurant, an eat-all-you-can yakiniku, or what they call yakiniku tabehoudai. Pork, beef, chicken. I go crazy with the many different cuts of pork. There are thin lean cuts, thin fatty cuts. Dip it in sauce and wrap it in lettuce. That will certainly make my day.

    2. Sushi

    Sushi is famous here and abroad. Who doesn’t like sushi? Whoever that person is, I’m sure she is missing a quarter of her life. Sushi is good and nutritious. I most especially like salmon sushi. Just salmon sushi (I don’t like squid sushi). It tastes so good sometimes it feels like it melts in my mouth. I like it especially with wasabi in it. When I want to eat sushi, I just go to a kaiten sushi. Kaiten means “rotating”. In a kaiten sushi, plates of sushi go around a conveyor belt and the costumer takes what she wants to eat as it passes by. It is fun and exciting. For me, that is what makes sushi more delicious.

    3. Yakitori

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    I like yakitori. Literally, yakitori means chicken pieces (or sometimes beef or pork offal) grilled on a skewer. More literally, tori means bird and yaki mean grill. In my homeland, we call it barbecue. There are many kinds of yakitori, but, my most favourite is shio buta bara. Shio means salt and buta bara means pork back ribs. I also like torikawa (chicken skin) and liver. It is great to eat with rice or as a side dish when drinking beer. Oh! Just thinking of it makes me want to go to a yakitoriya-san (yakitori store) or an izakaya (tavern) where I can have a grab of my favorite yakitori.