6 Limited Edition Starbucks Japan Tumblers!

  • Starbucks is a very popular coffee franchise in Japan but did you know that there are a lot of tumblers that can only be bought in certain Starbucks stores all around Japan. I would like to introduce some of them to you (not all of them because that would make this article six pages long).

    1. Haneda Airport Tumbler

    When this tumbler is empty, it looks like there are airplanes leaving the airport around the Tokyo Bay area in the daytime but once you put some coffee inside, the half transparent design makes the whole scene look like it’s nighttime!

    2. Tokyo Sky Tree Tumbler

    This tumbler is modelled off of the Tokyo Sky Tree and can only be bought in the two Starbucks stores that are at the base of the Sky Tree.

    3. Hokkaido Tumbler

    Hokkaido is the most northern prefecture in Japan and there is a limited edition tumbler available there as well. The design is modelled after polar bears, snow, lavender fields and the traditional Ainu decorations (the Ainu are the native peoples of the Hokkaido region). The tumbler is decorated with shining pieces of silver to represent the shimmering snow.

    4. Tokyo Tumbler

    The limited edition Tokyo tumbler can be bought at any Starbucks in Tokyo. The skyline of Tokyo is depicted on the sides and parts of the design sparkle in the light.

    5. Kyoto Tumbler

    The Kyoto tumbler depicts many of Kyoto traditional shrines and tourist locations in a modern and pop way.

    6. Sendai Tumbler

    The paper used on this tumbler is a special opaque looking paper giving the whole tumbler a soft glow. The front side shows the Tanabata festival in Sendai while the back side shows the beautiful night sky in Sendai.
    Although I did not post it above, most limited edition tumblers have a matching mug cup that is in the same design as well as the Starbucks gift cards that are special to the region. If you visit Japan, why not but a tumbler that you can only get in Japan?