The only place where you can experience samurai culture and hot springs at the same time!

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  • Hot springs are very popular among the Japanese and Tokyo boasts a complete hot springs based theme park which is near from Tokyo.

    Located relatively close to the heart of downtown Tokyo, Ooedo Onsen Monogatari is a place where you can not only bathe in hot springs, but also experience the atmosphere of the Edo Period, a time when the samurai and ninja flourished.
    It is definitely worth a visit!

    About facilities

    Ooedo Onsen Monogatari, opened in 2003, is a place where you can you bathe in natural hot springs till your heart’s content.

    Visitors, whether adults or children, can also don a yukata and enjoy delicious food, games and beauty treatments in a festival-like atmosphere.

    Hot Springs

    Not limited to regular baths, there are also Jacuzzi’s, footbaths, saunas, sand baths, stone saunas and various other types of baths for you to enjoy.

    A Japanese‐style garden

    At the center of the facility, lies an exquisite Japanese style garden. Here you can refresh your senses as you take in the elegant beauty.


    The interior is modeled on the style used in the Age of the Samurai and you can eat traditional Japanese foods such as sushi, soba, and Japanese-style sweets.
    You can also purchase various souvenirs which are distinctive of Japan!

    At the end

    There is a day-care center available and we are confident that both adults and children will enjoy their time here.
    It’s also located conveniently close to Odaiba, another major tourist spot, which makes it an excellent addition to your itinerary.

    charge:Adult 2,480JPY〜, Child 1,000JPY

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