Seven Samurai: The Godfather of Action-Adventure Movies

  • Are you willing to fight 40 bandits, only for rice as compensation, with no other promises of reward, and a high possibility of being killed? Seven Samurai is written and directed by the legendary Akira Kurosawa. Seven Samurai tells the story of an old-timer samurai who decides to help a village of farmers to fight a band of bandits with little reward, and seeks six other samurai to join him for the preparation of the village for the conflict.

    Here are six things to help you cut through the band of doubts about watching the movie, arming your movie appetite with spears of anticipation, leaving you either wanting more at the end, like a young couple in a forbidden love among the flower beds, or feel a profound appreciation, like the enjoyment of wine between samurai and peasants alike in the calm before the storm.

    1. The Godfather of Action-Adventure Movies

    This was one of the first action adventure movies in the world and has won acclamation throughout. Gathering a team of experts to achieve a common goal, isn’t it one of the most enduring plotlines of our time, for example, Inception and Ocean’s Eleven? The Magnificent Seven was the western adaptation of this movie too.

    2. A Look Into The Suffering of The Peasants

    The movie depicts how tough peasants were in the Japanese history, having to deal with many elements, like harsh natural weather, bandits and constant warring. One of the reasons why this film can still be relevant to us is because we find their experience still present today, even if it is in different forms.

    3. Toshiro Mifune

    Akira Kurosawa has a love for this charismatic actor. He was specially recast into the role of his character when it was created, and the director gave him free reign to improvise his lines. Not only did he make an impressive impression, he also delivered one of the most memorable monologue in cinema history about peasants and samurai.

    4. “3h05” Hours?

    Don’t let the length of the movie mislead you! People who have watched it said it was worth the time watching one of the most influential movies in history. Some didn’t even realize that three hours had passed, revealing Seven Samurai to have an ability to hold our attention for that long. Seriously, The Lord of the Rings: The Return of The King didn’t feel longer than three hours too, did it?

    5. What Make Us Human

    Yes, we’ve been praising Seven Samurai to the high heavens till now, but the movie is also about being human, shown through subplots weaved into the main story. Why do our characters react the way they do? Simply because they have a belief, and they act on those beliefs. It is not so easy to say what is right or wrong though the movie does take a stand in some situations.

    6. What does it mean “Winning” or “Losing”?

    Without giving the plot away, we get a carefully placed dialogue towards the end, as one of our samurai asks what was gained or lost, which mirrors one of his earlier reflections about the truth of the glory of a samurai. A fitting end as you ponder over his words even when the movie closes.

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