Caribbean Beach in Gunma!

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  • Tired of the same swimming pools? Do your senses demand a new and fascinating adventure? Do you want to go swimming but you don’t want to get tanned? Well nowadays, there are a lot of gimmicks that can easily catch our attention. So, brace yourself for an exciting experience in the Caribbean Beach located at Kiryu, Gunma.

    The Caribbean Beach

    This Caribbean Beach is not the typical swimming pool that you have in mind. It is a heated indoor water park bearing a beach-like structures with an island theme. Sure it is popular with people who wanna go for a new taste. This water park will tingle your senses as for it has some common points to the Caribbean Sea. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have sand but the pool have a facility that causes waves just like the ocean. Given the fact that it has waves, might as well bring your bodyboard because it is indeed allowed.


    The water park includes convenience such as the Juice bar, huge water slide, stream-like pool, Rodeo Mountain (water ride for children), heated Olympic pool, and the Dunn’s River Falls behind the Juice bar. The Dunn’s River Falls, a famous Jamaican attraction, is famous for the legendary myth that if a couple successfully climbed up to the top of the falls, their love will be fruitful. However, the one in the Gunma’s Caribbean Beach may not be as the absolute thing, but still, it will give you some interest. There are also jacuzzis where in customers can de-stress and relax. The Caribbean Beach water park is not just about swimming, but it also offers various excitement for its visitors.

    Even though we really like to go on a trip to the real thing, our pockets can’t afford so. Therefore, a much more pocket-friendly Caribbean is possible (510 yen on weekdays and 820 yen on weekends and high season). Yes, it may not be the real deal but I assure you that you won’t be disappointed. Plus, you can enjoy the tropical impression without getting any sun-kissed skin!

    Caribbean Beach Gunma*Japanese Only