Fact or Fallacy? Misconceptions about Japan

  • It takes time and guts for someone to learn the culture of another country. You might experience culture shock in the midst of your learning because some of the traditions and customs sound so bizarre. Confused, being a newbie may lead to misconceptions.

    Growing up in a familiar nature, I never thought any of these to be true. Yet, meeting other people make me aware about some of these preconceived ideas. And so, if a newbie, they can easily jump to these wrong conclusions.

    1. The Japanese sleep on the floor

    I have been asked about this by my friend. She asked me why do the Japanese sleep on the floor and if the Japanese don’t have beds. Well, the Japanese don’t really sleeps on the floor. It is called futon, a traditional bedding in Japan. Only, it is placed on the floor so, people might thing that the Japanese sleep on the floor. Also, no doubt, the Japanese also have beds. Of course they have them! And they are really cozy.

    2. Japan is only good for couples, not for adventurers

    Oh no! Really, not at all. Japan has a variety of activities you can take a part in, be for yourself alone or for a group. It has a lot of adventures to offer. You can always get the ideas on what to do when in Japan on yours truly, Japan Info. Japan may have “love is in the air” feeling but if you’re looking for an adrenaline-filled adventure, then you are in the right place.

    3. The Japanese eat sushi everyday

    This absurd idea is one of the reasons why I’m wrote this article. All my mates ask me over and over again about this sushi thingy. No, the Japanese don’t eat sushi everyday. I mean, some of course can eat it but its up to their choice. However, I don’t know anyone (Japanese) who eats sushi everyday. So, this conception is really a fallacy.

    4. The Japanese aren’t friendly

    I don’t know where this came from. But based on my experience, the Japanese are really sociable. They are friendly enough to foreigners and other Japanese. They are approchable when asked for directions and such. They are even kind enough to accompany you if it’s along their way.

    5. Japan is an old-fashioned country

    This misconception is the one I hear the most. Actually, Japan is one of the countries that sets new trends. The Japanese are responsible enough to preserve their customs, that’s why some may view it as an old-fashioned. They know the special significance of their traditions and culture thus, preserve it by putting it into effect. Japan is a really modish and refined country. Not to mention, it is the home of very advanced technologies.