5 Reasons to live in Japan from my own experience!

  • April 30, 2011, when I first came to Japan as a visiting relative I stayed for a month with my sister, and in that short period of time I fell in love with Japan. I came back as a scholar on September 24, 2012 and studied for a year and a half. During my stay, I was so enchanted with Japan that I wanted to stay in this country for good. So, I’m here, staying for almost three years now. I have my reasons why I chose to stay in Japan, and I think many can relate to me.

    1. Economic Advantage

    Japan is one of the top economic powers in the world. What I (financially) earn here (with lesser effort and work) is almost four times as much as I earn in my country. Although the cost of living is different (it is so much cheaper in my homeland; Japan is kind of expensive), with my earnings, I can provide for myself (more than enough), send money to my family back home and enjoy life without thinking too much of financial constraints.

    2. Environmental Safety and Security

    When I came here for the first time, I was surprised to see that there were no security guards in establishments (which is common in my country) and the policemen don’t have guns. There seems to be NO threat to security. The crime rate in Japan is relatively low. Japan was ranked as the safest country in the world in 2014 by the Organization of Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD). You can read more about the crime rate in JapanHere.
    In terms of natural calamity, we know that although Japan is prone to earthquakes and other natural calamities, the buildings are built to stand against strong shake and the emergency information system is so apt and advanced that whenever there is heavy downpour, cell phones will alarm and disseminate automated messages regarding calamity and safety. Moreover, it is very clean in Japan, no pollution. The environment is clean, safe and secure.

    3. Spirit of Equality and Harmony

    In Japan, harmony is very important. Japanese people follow rules and try to avoid conflicts as much as possible. They are very harmonious and very disciplined. They follow rules and always think of others. You can see that when they get on the train, when they take escalators and when they go to restaurants, they always fall in line and wait for their turn. Here, there seems to be no rich and poor, no “untouchables”. Here, a politician is just a worker, like everybody else. Everyone’s equal. Japanese give importance to uniformity, too. You can see that in the way they dress. Very few, almost nobody wants to stand out with bright-coloured, printed dress. Subtle colors are prevalent. Everything is just smooth and neutral.

    4. Advanced Technology

    Undoubtedly, Japan is so far, very advanced in terms of technology. I can easily travel anywhere using its hi-tech transportation system: the bullet train, the efficient and always on time local trains, subway and buses. The world is just a touch away using my smartphone with very fast and reliable internet connection and free Wi-Fi in big cities (like Fukuoka). There are hi-tech toilets, vending machines, automatic doors, and (in some places in Tokyo) robotic receptionist which makes Japan really awesome and very convenient place to live.

    5. Travel and Leisure

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    Most of all, living in Japan is like living my life on a grand vacation holiday. There are many places in Japan worth visiting. From the simple temples and shrines in my neighbourhood to the grand ones in Kyoto (and many other places), the historic sites like Nagasaki and Hiroshima and the many world heritage sites scattered all over Japan. There are hot springs where I can have ultimate relaxation. Food is great and healthy. What else can you ask for?

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