Japanese Niagara Falls, Fukiware no Taki

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  • “When you have time to enjoy the nature then you have more time to live for yourself”, this was on my mind when I visited one of the best national monuments of Japan, Fukiware waterfalls.

    Located in Numata area of Gunma , it is considered to be one of the best 100 waterfalls in Japan and I would definitely agree it is the best one. It is called Fukiware because the giant rock at the mouth of the waterfall is split (fukiware). It is about 7m (21ft.) high and 30m (90ft.) wide and has a shape of “V” making this waterfall resemble Niagara falls.

    Autumn beauty

    The vivid colors of trees, the beauty of mountains and the meandering waterfall make Fukiware waterfall one of the most beautiful creations of God. One can find music and beauty in almost every part of this place.
    The waterfall nearby is whispering in your ear, the autumn leaves are singing a song and your soul dancing to it. This place will definitely make anyone go poetic If someone loves and wants to appreciate the beauty of nature then this place is truly worth a visit. It will definitely impel one to express his/her appreciations in some way.

    Hiking and Onsen

    One can go up the top of the fall and get a spectacular view, there are hiking trails which make it a perfect place for those who love to enjoy hiking on a day of. For me, reaching the top of the fall was a lifetime fun experience. There, you can see a lot of interesting strange looking rocks. The waterfall moving past the complicated rock pattern is one of the reasons why it’s called “the East’s Niagara falls”. Last, but not least, there are a lot of Japanese favourite onsen spots nearby. At the end of your tiring hiking and beautiful scenery observation you can relax in the hot springs out there.

    Fukiware info *Japanese only