Japan for thrill seekers: Fuji-Q Highland

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  • If Tokyo Disneyland or Universal Studios Japan is too tame and boring for your tastes, just 1.5h away from Tokyo is the cure for your thrill-seeking addiction: Fuji-Q Highland. Named after the mountain that sits in the backdrop of the theme park on a clear day, Fuji-Q is well known amongst adrenaline junkies for its record-breaking roller coasters and seriously scary haunted house.


    Famous roller coasters in Fuji-Q include the Fujiyama, once the world’s tallest roller coaster, at 79metres tall. While height is its claim to fame, its length (5th in the world) and its speed (10th in the world) do not pale in comparison. At the height of the roller coaster, you get a magnificent view of Mt Fuji, though that would probably pale in comparison in that terrifying drop in your tummy feeling you get after the roller coaster rushes down.

    Fuji-Q haunted hospital

    If what you seek is a scare more mental in nature, you are welcomed to visit the Fuji-Q haunted hospital, one of the biggest haunted house attractions in the world. The route is almost 1km, and the walk-through experience could last over an hour. The haunted hospital is built with a great attention to details, making the whole experience realistic and very scary. Zombies actually chase you around the house.

    Thomas the Engine land

    If you are one of those who end up crying after the rides for big boys and girls (and you will have plenty company), you can also seek solace in Thomas the Engine land, a cute area with much tamer rides and a fun theme park atmosphere. There are also other areas in the park dedicated to beloved anime series such as Evangelion.

    Fuji-Q is located in Yamanashi Prefecture, and costs quite a bit less than Disneyland to get into (about 1400 yen for the entrance itself, though a day pass will rack the price up to 5200yen).

    Fuji-Q Highland
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