9 unique convenience store beverages!

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  • Japanese convenience stores or “konbini” have been well known for the various things they offer. Of course, one of them is the kinds of beverages that they provide. The drinks are not only various, unique and good-tasting but are also considered affordable (around 100-200 yen per bottle). For those who are curious about the kinds of drinks available in konbini, I made the list below.

    1. Japanese Tea

    There is no doubt that tea has good effects on health. In a konbini, you can find many kinds of Japanese teas and a few of them are “healthy” teas. They are normally good for your metabolism and health. So if you need real healthy tea it is not difficult for you to find it in Japan.

    2. Chai Tea Latte

    Chai latte is a kind of milk tea from India. Chai latte is different from normal milk tea because it consists of herbs and spices. In Japan you can easily find this kind of tea in a konbini.

    3. Olive Tea

    Who doesn’t know the advantages of olives on health? Besides providing energy, this fruit also consists of anti oxidants, minerals and vitamins. Normally olive comes as oil for foods or body lotion. But this is a unique thing that in Japan you can sometimes find an olive tea in some smaller convenient stores.

    4. Calpis Vegeta Latte

    Calpis is a common beverage in Japan. But vegeta latte is a new product. This beverage is kind of a latte with vegetable flavours such as carrot and tomato.

    5. Coffee in Various Forms

    One of the best drinks in konbinis is undoubtedly their coffee. Different types from expresso until latte are available in konbinis. So if you are lazy to go to a Starbucks or another coffee shop, you can just come and grab coffee here. Plus the price is more affordable than in coffee shops.

    6. Pepsi in Various Forms

    I am sure most of you know what Pepsi is. But I am not sure that most of you know the variety of pepsi in Japan. Yes, pepsi in Japan can be unique. From cucumber until salty watermelon. Most of them available in the summer (but for a limited time only).

    7. Soy Milk in Various Flavors

    Konbinis in Japan also have various flavors of soy milk that taste very good. From green tea until almond, all kinds are available.

    8. Seasonal drinks

    Some drinks are only available in the particular season. For example, there is a specific drink that can only be found in winter. So just check out what kind of drink is specific for this season!

    9. Vitamin Drinks

    Various vitamin drinks are also available in Konbini. So, if your body needs more vitamins, you can easily buy a liquid vitamin drink as an alternative!