Fright Time Diary: An Unknown Visitor

  • A fan of horror stories? Well, you are just on the right page. We all know that Japan is famous for its frighting legends and ghost stories. So, being aware of that fact, here’s a real diary-like story which people who have the nerve will truly love.

    Since I was a child, I was always a fan of horror stories most specifically the ones that are set in Japan. Be it a book or a movie, it never gets old for me. And as a starter, I would love to tell a story about the experience of my cousin and her friend.


    It happened 2 years ago while Sherra (my cousin’s friend) was on a vacation in Japan. She was staying with my cousin who recently moved in to a new apartment. My cousin leaves her place at exactly 7 o’clock in the morning and gets home at around 6 o’clock in the evening. Then one night, Sherra was asleep in the room when suddenly she heard the door bell rang. She was about to leave the room but then she heard someone opening the door. Assuming that Aiko (my cousin) was already home, she thought that Aiko was the one who opened the door and she went back to sleep. The next day, while having breakfast, Sherra asked who was the visitor last night. Surprised, Aiko replied, “What? Who? I was out ’til midnight. I texted you.” Confused, Sherra grabbed her phone and opened the message from Aiko stating that she’ll be with friends until midnight. Terrified, Sherra told the story to my cousin. And so, Aiko took the day off and they bought a new lock for the door thinking that someone might’ve entered their house.


    A month later, just 2 more weeks before Sherra’s flight back home, it happened again. Aiko told her that she’ll be out late again because they’re going to celebrate her friend’s birthday and so, she instructed her to lock the door and her room’s door. Sherra was also up ’til late night watching movies and waiting for my cousin. It was around 1:00 am when Sherra heard someone opening the door, she thought it must be my cousin since she’s the only one who has a duplicate. After knowing that she was inside, she shouted “Aiko, you home? If you’re hungry, there’s food on the table” then she heard her reply “Yeah.” Relieved, she continued watching the movie. Almost an hour passed when all of a sudden, she received a text message from Aiko, “I’ll be home in twenty minutes”, kinda shocked, she called Aiko right away.

    “Hey, was that a delayed message?”,
    “What? No. I’m at a store, what do you want?”,
    “No, you were home almost an hour ago”,
    “Huh?! What are you saying? I’ll be there in 20 mins”,
    “Aiko please stop playing, you are here already”,
    “WHAT? Sherra you’re making me scared”,
    “Well, how about me? Please come home faster”

    Minutes later, Aiko came home only to saw Sherra trembling in fear at her room. She told Aiko the whole story and as expected, my cousin was also in terror as well. Frightened, they just waited until 6 o’clock in the morning and then started searching for a new apartment. The day after, Aiko heard from her friend that her place was actually a home of two sisters before. One had died in a car accident and maybe, just maybe, it was the girl who visited Sherra two times. Not to mention, Sherra actually resembles the girl’s sister.