Public Japanese Lavatories, comfort lvl over 9000!

  • Japan is a place you will surely fall in love with not only because of beautiful tourist spots but also because of the presence of free lavatories everywhere. Convenience stores, gasoline stations, parks, and train stations have lavatories available for anyone who needs to answer a call of nature. Even in a mountainous place, a lavatory can be found. Indeed, when visiting places in Japan, one is assured to have comfort during the travel.

    A traveler can easily notice these remarkable things in Japanese lavatories.



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    The establishments are able to maintain lavatories and keep them clean despite the number of people coming. Toilets do not smell foul and there are no apparent stains on and under the toilet seats.

    Hygiene Products and Hi-tech Facility


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    Bathroom tissues, liquid soaps, water and an automatic hand drying equipment are available in almost all the lavatories. There are also facilities where the fixtures have high-tech features such as 3-in-1 sink and a hands-free opening lid trash bin. The 3-in-1 sink has an automatic water faucet, a built-in automatic soap dispenser and an automatic hand dryer. Seat cleaner or sanitizer dispensers are also available in the toilet cubicles. Interesting to note, there are facilities with flush system where one can choose the amount of water to use such as full flush, half flush and eco half flush. Such options are sometimes translated into English.

    Bathroom Safety and User-Friendly Facility


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    Most lavatories are also mother-child, elderly and wheel-chair friendly. The presence of a child protection seats inside the cubicle definitely makes lavatory a mother-kid friendly place. There are also handles or grab bars for the elderly and people with disabilities.

    Tourist Friendly

    Worth noticing are the lavatories where instructions on how to use the fixtures are correctly translated in English. This is very helpful for foreigners as they can be guided in using the facility. Although some facilities have signs and instructions written in Japanese only, they are nevertheless easy to understand because of normally explanatory pictures are present.

    The presence of lavatories in public places brings comforts to both locals and visitors in Japan. Even unprepared, individuals may answer a call of nature with the assurance that everything needed at that moment is available in these facilities. With the availability of toilet paper, soap and toilet seat sanitizer in these lavatories, not to mention the cleanliness and high-tech features, one may consider these places to be the most comfortable public facilities!