Shop Kawaii! Get That Japanese Style in Harajuku

  • If you’re in Tokyo and you are looking for splashes of color, hop on a train and make your way to Takeshita-dori in Harajuku – where you’ll see the most colourful people and their equally captivating style.

    Aside from crepes, Harajuku is a proud melting pot of style. Japan street style is often described with three words: edgy, unique and kawaii. If you are inspired by Japanese style and want to get that kawaii look – here’s some stores that you will find in Harajuku to get you started.

    1. Candy Stripper

    Candy Stripper’s brand concept is “No Rule, No Genre, No Age”. Their style definitely reflects this. Their outfits combine style that demand attention inspired kawaii designs and rock and roll. With a wide variety of clothes and accessories, Candy Stripper’s target market is mostly teens, women in their twenties and for those young at heart!

    Candy Stripper*Japanese Only

    2. Listen Flavor

    The shocking pink interior says it all! Listen Flavor is another fashion favorite in Harajuku. Don’t be fooled by the small exterior, the store is chock-full of pieces that are punk and pop-inspired, full of graphics. Merging loud colors with cute elements, Listen Flavor’s clothing are a big hit with Japanese fashionistas that are building up their street style wardrobe.

    Listen Flavor*Japanese Only

    3. Wonder Rocket

    If you’re looking for a softer and feminine look that is still eye-catching, Wonder Rocket is your best bet. Entering their stores will make you feel like you are shopping in wonderland, with whimsical flower motifs. Their style makes use of lace, ribbons, drawing inspiration from Mori Girls (forest girls). Fashion hunters who dream of a romantic girly look should check this store out.

    Wonder Rocket*Japanese Only

    4. Punk Cake

    Are you an 80’s or 90’s kid who is looking to relieve that era through your clothing? Visit Punk Cake, who will stand out among the numerous vintage shops in Harajuku. With pieces that cater to both men and women, the store houses vintage and resale fashion items that are definitely not boring. Whether you were a punk 80’s kid or a teenybopper 90’s child, Punk Cake will have something for you.

    Punk Cake*Japanese Only

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