Top 10 Favorite Sightseeing Spots in Japan

  • Each year, an increasing number of foreign tourists continue to visit Japan.
    With 15 million visiting this year, numbers hit record highs.
    Today I am going to bring you the top ten sightseeing spots recommended by foreign tourists visiting Japan, as presented on TripAdvisor.
    The top-ranking spot is exactly the place you would expect!

    No.10 Naritasan Shinshoji temple(Chiba)

    One of the few sacred sites in Japan, with a history of over 1,000 years.
    This site has a particularly impressive main hall. Each day, visitors can watch the monks performing their prayers from beginning to end.

    Japanese notation:成田山新勝寺

    No.9 Hakone Chokokunomori musium(Kanagawa)

    The Hakone Open Air Museum was established in 1969 with the mission of harmonizing art and nature.
    It was the first open air art museum in the country. This is also a fun place to visit with the family.

    Japanese notation:箱根 彫刻の森美術館

    No.8 Shinjuku Gyoen(Tokyo)

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    Shinjuku Gyoen is rich with nature, despite its location right in the middle of Tokyo.
    Visitors can enjoy the changing face of the park each season, with cherry blossoms in the spring or ginkgo trees in the fall.

    Japanese notation:新宿御苑

    No.7 Kiyomizudera temple(Kyoto)

    This popular spot is a must-see during any visit to Kyoto.
    It attracts more tourists than any other spot in the country, 20% of whom are from overseas.
    This spot also offers a different view with each season.

    Japanese notation:清水寺

    No.6 Koyasan Okunoin(Wakayama)

    This is one of Japanese Buddhism’s sacred sites.
    The highlight is the approach to Okunoin, which is lined with cedar trees and innumerable tombstones, creating a powerful impression.

    Japanese notation:高野山 奥の院

    No.5 Todaiji temple(奈良)

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    ≪奈良 東大寺✨≫  奈良 東大寺 ライトアップの写真です📸 カラフルな光と日本古来からある東大寺。 今と昔が織り成す幻想的な景色です☺️  この写真は、 @ikeshanshan さんにご提供頂きました! ありがとうござます!  オトナ旅。「一度は行ってみたくなる日本の名所」をコンセプトに運営している旅マガジンです。🌅 #オトナ旅 #旅 #東大寺 #日本 #寺 #神社 #寺社仏閣 #奈良 #神社巡り #写真 #観光地 #旅行好きな人と繋がりたい #写真好きな人と繋がりたい #ファインダー越しの私の世界 #風情 #ライトアップ #御朱印 #japan #japanese #nara #japantravelphoto #winter #japantrip #japantravel #traditional #Instagram #instagood #instagramjapan #photographer #photography

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    This temple is home to Japan’s largest Buddha statue, which is 15 meters tall.
    Visitors will be impressed not only by the giant Buddha, but also by the beauty of the main hall.

    Japanese notation:東大寺
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    No.4 Kinkakuji(Rokuonji) temple(Kyoto)

    This particularly famous temple is covered in gold leaf.
    It is located on a spacious site. The reflections of the temple in the water are also stunning.

    Japanese notation:金閣寺(鹿苑寺)

    No.3 Itsukushima jinja shrine(Hiroshima)

    This is a famous spot, which is considered one of Japan’s three beauty spots.
    The torii gates that appear to float in the water offer a fantasy-like view.
    This site is listed as a World Heritage Site.

    Japanese notation:厳島神社

    No.2 Hiroshima peace memorial museum(Hiroshima)

    Hiroshima’s Atomic Dome is one of the buildings that was bombed by the first nuclear bombing to take place in human history, on August 6th, 1945 during WW2.
    The atomic dome has been left the way it was after the bombing and acts as a symbol of the desire to abolish nuclear weapons and establish everlasting peace around the world.

    Japanese notation:広島平和記念資料館

    No.1 Fushimi inari taisha shrine(Kyoto)

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    And from the lineup of famous sightseeing spots in Japan, this spot ranks as number one: the one thousand torii gates that are positioned closely to create a tunnel-line effect.
    Do make sure to experience this for yourself.

    Japanese notation:伏見稲荷大社
    Relevance:The most popular place among foreign tourists! What is the appeal of Fushimi Inari shrine?

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