Nagoya Science Museum and the World’s Largest Planetarium

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  • Nagoya City Science Museum

    Nagoya City Science museum is one of the most informative places for every age-group. It is an interesting world of knowledge, especially for the students. The museum has a huge globe situated between two rectangular shaped buildings which host the largest planetarium in the world and this globe which is silvery in colour is really attractive.

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    There are some models of trains and space shuttles displayed outside. The building with globe has a beautiful huge fountain and a park in front of it. There are many exhibits and experiments that we can see and sometimes could do to enjoy and understand things by ourselves.

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    The part of the museum displaying the life science is interesting with displays of the fossils and skeletons including that of the dinosaurs. The structure of various body parts, cells, and internal organs are displayed here with Japanese explanations. There are also microorganisms, body mechanisms etc. displayed there. There is a part here they exhibits the globe with various shapes and facilities. We could see and understand the gradual day and night formation, could do experiments, can read and understand through the pictures and other information displayed there, and could see the videos from the screens displaying various data. There are telescopes and other arrangements that we could make use of in order to understand the earth and outer space.

    The electric discharge lab of the museum has some 4 meters tall Tesla coils which produce electric power. There is a recreated polar region named as the deep freezing zone where we could see the life of polar regions and do various experiments that are conducted at a temperature of -30 degrees here. There are pendulums, turbines etc. related to physics along with an area where things move like waves. The electric energy, telecommunications, media, dynamic energy etc. all belongs to this area.

    There is a water lab that explains and exhibits the properties of water at its various stages. The region dedicated to chemistry has an interesting periodic table with all the elements being placed inside small glass windows behind the names. There is a man-made tornado which is around 9 meters high inside cylindrical glasses. It seems beautiful as well as interesting. Information regarding transportation, disaster prevention etc. are also displayed in various portions of the museum area.

    The planetarium

    The planetarium is situated inside the globe that we could see while entering the museum. It have a diameter of 35 meters and is the biggest of this type in the world. It is named as the Brother Earth. Shows will be conducted at scheduled intervals and is the most interesting part of the visit to this place. There are about 450 seats arranged in a semicircular manner. As we take our seat and the show is about to begin, it will be dark around as and we couldn’t feel even the presence of people around us. The chair will be going backwards and we will be in a sleeping mood, with dark around us facing the beautiful white globe(sky) above us.

    As the roof get filled with stars, it is really an experience that we couldn’t explain. They use mouse pointers to explain the properties of various constellations and other features, but everything is in Japanese only. Even without understanding anything it is really interesting to see the sky above us, with a feeling that we are lying beneath the beautiful starry sky. Sometimes we may feel sleepy while lying down in such an imaginary world like that we could see in some fairy tales only. And the show ends with a new morning which make us feeling that we are awakening after a long beautiful night.
    Nagoya City Science Museum