What can you do with all the leftover change before leaving Japan?

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  • After spending some time in Japan, one would undoubtedly encounter the problem of ‘left-over change’. We tend to not use the change we get after we go shopping or traveling, and that gets usually piled up with time. Finally, when we decide to say adieu to Japan, we are left with pockets full of change that we do not exactly know what to do with. We have some solutions to those circumstances!

    1. Deposit in an ATM


    Actually, in Japan, it is very easy to find ATMs that accept coins as deposits. There are many banks which offer these ATMs such as Mitsubishi UFJ and others. However, do not expect them to be around in every part of the country, as you would rarely see them in small towns and villages. It is probably one of the most accessible solutions to empty your wallet full of metallic coins, but it has its disadvantages.

    This is how you should use the ATM while depositing your coins in Japan:

    a) First of all, you should not dump all the coins at once. We suggest that you divide them into smaller sums as the slots are usually tiny.
    b) The people behind you may become impatient, therefore you should try to do it as fast as you can. Maybe you should look for a sparsely used machine if you think you are going to take more time in depositing all your coins
    c) Finally, look at the timer and do not rush and spill the coins as the slot closes; you can always redo it again.

    2. Help the needy

    Yes, you can donate your money to different causes to help the poor and the needy in Japan. Since Japan is relatively prosperous, you would rarely have anyone approach you on streets for alms. Many places such as grocery stores, restaurants, public offices, banks, and malls have charity boxes near the entrances or billing counters for you to make a deposit. If you are willing to depart with your coins, you could use this as an opportunity to help others.

    3. Buy toys

    Go on a nice weekend trip to a ‘Gachapon’ store to spend all your change and get toys as souvenirs. There are plenty of places where you can find Gacha stores in Japan such as ‘Akihabara Gachapon Kaikan’ in Tokyo. If you think that these toys that come out in capsules from the vending machines are meant only for children, you are mistaken. Many people from different walks of life, as a hobby, obtain as many unique gachapon capsules as possible. One of the most common items that is dispensed from these coin machines are the cute keychains with your favorite and funny figurines attached. The prices of these products usually range between a hundred yen to a few hundred yen and can be unique souvenirs to take back home when you are leaving the country.

    4. Get gift vouchers

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    使わずに余った外貨、どうしていますか? 次回のためにとっておくのも良いけれど、小銭はどちらにしても使いにくいし、ジャラジャラして重たい… そんなときに便利な 『#PocketChange』。 外貨を #WAON や #Amazon のポイントに両替して受け取れるんです!これ以外にも交換先がたくさんあるので、お好みのサービスが選べます。 対応通貨も多いので、どの国に行ったときにも役立つと思いますよ🇰🇷🇺🇸🇨🇳🇹🇭🇬🇧🇭🇰 この機械、すごく便利で私はしょっちゅう使っていますが、知っている人が少ないのかいつも誰も使ってなくて、ひっそりと佇んでますㅋ とても便利なので皆さまも是非〜!! 💰 💰 💰 Pocket Change is kiosk running at the airports and the downtown areas. It instantly exchanges bills and coins of various currencies into electronic money / vouchers of your country. Say goodbye to the headache of foreign surplus. Pocket Change helps the travelers coming to Japan along with Japanese traveling abroad. https://www.pocket-change.jp/en/ ・ ・ ・ #여행 #trip #travel #korea #旅行 #여행스타그램 #海外旅行 #환전소 #환전 #환전기 #moneyExchange #moneyExchanger #両替機 #外貨両替 #ポケットチェンジ #成田空港 #羽田空港 #일본여행 #일본여행정보 #japan #나리타국제공항 #NaritaInternationalAirport #HanedaAirport #하네다국제공항 #ポケチェ

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    Another attractive solution is to make your physical money virtual. You could transfer the coins you have into a digital wallet that enables you to shop online. ‘Pocket Change Inc’ is a company that is banking on this idea of leftover change and making a successful business model. If you are at Haneda Airport, look for Pocket Change`s conversion machine. It has a screen with many options to choose from like converting your change to Amazon vouchers, loading a Rakuten e-wallet and many more. The best thing about these machines is that they accept not only yen, but also other major currencies such as the US Dollar, Yuan etc. You can also find them in other major international airports in Japan such as Chitose, Fukuoka, Kansai, and others. The rising popularity of these machines shows the severity of the problem of leftover change in the world. Banks and other money counters immediately reject coins, thus making people look for other alternatives.

    Those mentioned above are some of the best ways to deal with the problem of leftover money. If you are not too shy, you can also use the coins to order food, however, be prepared to get some looks. No official law says that coins are not allowed to be used as payment, therefore you can pay with coins. Sometimes, some companies make payment for lawsuits using coins as revenge against other parties.

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