Highland Resort and Spa in Yamanashi

  • There are many unique hotels and resorts in Japan. Some are traditional, some are modern and some are meant for different purposes such as the ‘love hotels’. If you are looking for rooms with extraordinary themes, luxurious interiors and fantastic views of Mt.Fuji, then check out this resort!

    Yamanashi Trip

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    Mount Fuji 🗻

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    It would be considered a crime if you don’t visit Mt. Fuji, albeit living in Tokyo. That is how genuinely iconic and historical this mountain is. It is located adjacent to the capital in the beautiful prefecture of Yamanashi. You can do a whole bunch of activities there. The most popular activities are climbing ‘Fuji-san’, riding spine-chilling roller coasters at Fuji-Q amusement park and chillaxing at the five lakes of Mt. Fuji. Some not-so-well-known activities in this region would be to have a taste of history at Toenji Temple, dressing yourself up as a stealthy Ninja at Oshino Village aka the Ninja Village, and so on. With so many things to do and its accessible location, thousands head to Yamanashi, planning trips for several days. Better plan ahead if you have specific demands like breathtaking views and particular types of rooms you want to reserve because these places are booked very fast.

    The Highland Resort

    The Highland Resort is definitely the best choice of accommodation in Yamanashi because of its proximity to the amusement park Fuji-Q Highland and their stunning views of ‘Fuji-san’. Another extraordinary feature of the resort is its uniquely designed rooms that are not offered anywhere else in Japan. It is probably safe to say that there are no other hotels or resorts that have such ambitious rooms that could captivate the guests the moment they step into the resort.

    The resort offers rooms that are designed with interiors that will make you want to prolong your trip. If your kids like ‘Thomas the Tank Engine’, you should check out the adorable and unique ‘Thomas, the Tank Engine’ rooms that come with life-size murals of different characters in the series, together with other wonderful decorations like maps of Thomas’s native land of Sodor. Not all ‘Thomas Rooms’ have similar interiors; some have a harbor theme and some have a station theme. Each room is priced accordingly. Depending on the season, however, the starting price can be from 47000 yen. If you want to check out the exact prices of the day, do follow this linkwhere a detailed list of all the prices can be found.

    There is another stylised character room designed after the famous series of Gaspard and Lisa, a British tv series, that has gained a lot of popularity around the world in recent years. These are two very lovable dog characters that children adore. You get to choose between either Lisa`s or Gaspard`s room which starts from nearly 50000 yen; accommodation price for 1-2 guests. The price of the room is according to the number of guests per room. If you acquire these rooms, without additional costs, you have access to a themed space where you can take a stroll in a fictional town that has plenty of attractions for kids.

    More Attractions

    The resort gained press coverage for its unique offers such as the Evangelion Room, human size replicas of Mecha characters, and giant beds that look like an intergalactic space capsule. However, it is no longer offered due to reasons unknown. But as mentioned earlier in the article, there are plenty of other attractions at the resort. There is also a high-end spa, a wellness center, a spacious banquet hall, and many sightseeing options and tours. The food here is exceptionally amazing; you can get a very nutritiously balanced meal.

    Check out more information on rooms, rates, and facilities here!

    Highland Resort Hotel Website

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