How to Find a Job as an English Teacher in Japan

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  • Are you looking for a job in Japan? Or do you want to change your current job for a better one in a “greener pasture”? Whether you are an English-speaking person in or outside Japan who is looking for a job, this article may help you in your search.

    English Teachers in Japan

    Due to the increasing demands of English proficient individuals (brought about by the incoming Olympics and the business sector’s pressure in coping with globalization), English conversation schools (eikaiwa) are popping like mushrooms in Japan. Also, there are many companies hiring English-speaking foreigners to fill in the position of an Assistant Language Teacher (ALT) in Japan. ALTs work in public and private schools and team teach with Japanese teachers of English (JTE). English conversation schools hire teachers throughout the year (depending on the availability). Those who wants to work as ALT in public and private schools, the best time to send your application is around December to January, in preparation for the opening of schools in April.

    List of some companies and schools

    Below is a list of some companies and schools where you may send your application:

    1. Interac

    Interac (International Education Research and Analysis Corporation) is the leading provider of ALTs in Japan. Its headquarter is in Tokyo with 13 regional offices all over the country. It has more than 2,500 ALTs assigned in different parts of Japan.

    Interac Website

    2. Berlitz Japan

    A pioneer in language acquisition, founded in 1878, Berlitz is the world’s premier language services firm

    Berlitz Japan Website

    3. NOVA Co. Ltd

    NOVA Website

    4. Gaba Corporation

    GABA welcomes applicants of any nationality whose proficiency in English is of native level.

    Gaba Corporation Website


    ALTIA CENTRAL was founded in 2001 and has about more than 250 ALTs.


    6. OWLS

    OWLS (One World Language Services) is based in Kitakyushu, Fukuoka Prefecture. It has one branch office in Fukuoka City and another one in the United States.

    OWLS Website

    7. Seiha English Academy

    Seiha Network runs about 320 schools at shopping centers in Japan.

    Seiha English Academy Website *Japanese only

    8. Berkeley House Language Center

    Founded in 1973, Berkeley House Language Center offer 40+ languages including English.

    Berkeley House Language Center Website

    9. Kohgakusha Co.

    Based in Shin-Yurigaoka, Kanagawa Prefecture, Kohgakusha operates 68 schools in the Kanto region, 6 schools in the Kansai region and it is continually developing more schools throughout different locations.

    Kohgakusha Website

    10. WinBe

    There are many opportunities at WinBe for motivated people. It has branches from Hokkaido to Kyushu.

    WinBe Website

    Useful Websites

    1. Gaijinpot
    2. Jobs In Japan
    3. Daijob
    4. Career Cross

    If you are qualified and pass the screening process, you will be working in Japan before you know it. Start your new life and career in the land of the rising sun.