Top Part-Time Jobs for Foreigners in Japan

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  • People often try to find at least part-time jobs when they live in another country. Although some have already got a status as an employee somewhere or in many cases have a student status, finding part-time job is still considered to be one of the things in priority.

    In Japan, finding a part-time job can be not as easy as in other countries, as most of the vacancies require Japanese proficiency. But if you pay attention, actually, there are also some jobs that don’t require advanced or even any Japanese skills.

    So, if you want to find a part-time job in Japan and you have advanced Japanese skill, it will be easier for you. But even if you don’t speak it that well, don’t worry because you still have many ways to find a job. So what kind of part time Jobs foreigners in Japan usually do?

    1. Convenience Store Assistant

    Japanese proficiency requirement: YES
    This is one of the most popular jobs among the foreigners. Working as an assistant in konbini requires you to have some Japanese skill. If you have Japanese skill you can try to apply and work shifts that are more suited for you.

    2. Waiter

    Japanese proficiency requirement: DEPENDS
    You can also work as a waiter at a restaurant. Many restaurants don’t require you to have Japanese skills. However it depends on the place. Normally, international restaurants can accept non-Japanese speaking staff. The good thing about working at a restaurant is sometimes you can eat the food from the menu!

    3. Translator

    Japanese proficiency requirement: YES
    Translators in Japan normally translate from Japanese to another language (mostly English) and vice versa. Therefore you need Japanese proficiency if you want to have a job as a translator there. If you are lucky you can find translation jobs that do not require Japanese and do translations of other language pairs instead.

    4. Writer

    Japanese proficiency requirement: DEPENDS
    It depends on the media, whether it is Japanese or English/other language. For example, Japan Info writers do not have to have Japanese skills. So maybe if you like writing, you can try to apply!

    5. Language teacher

    Japanese proficiency requirement: DEPENDS (BUT KNOWING BASIC JAPANESE WILL HELP)
    Being teacher in Japan sometimes requires some Japanese skill and sometimes not, it depends on the employer. So if you are fluent in English (most schools request native level speakers), it is a good idea to apply for such jobs in Japan! Of course, the teachers of the other major languages are sought too, but not as frequently.