“Hakone Kowakien Yunessun” hot springs amusement park

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  • In the mountains of Hakone, an hour away from Tokyo, there is an extremely popular hot spring theme park. Hakone Kowakien Yunessun is a large hot spring theme park that is mainly made up of two facilities: Yunessun and Mori-no-yu (Mori hot springs).


    Yunessun is the theme park part of the facilities. Unlike the traditional hot spring, Yunessun is more like a water amusement park. Yunessun has two main areas, one inside and one outside.

    The Aegean Sea of the Gods

    This large indoor spa area is modelled as the Mediterranean Sea. The spa features jacuzzis with a massaging effect along a small section of the edges. Every 30 minutes, there is a miniature fountain and bubble show.

    Wine Bath


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    One of the many unique things about Yunessun is the variety of baths that are available there. Wine baths have been used by many people in history as a bath with rejuvenating powers and good effects on your skin.

    Coffee Bath

    Yunessun was the first place in Japan to install a coffee bath. The coffee bath is said to have relaxation effects, as well as having positive effects on your skin and recovering tiredness.

    Green Tea Bath



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    This bath is purely Japanese and green tea has positive effects on your skin and improves your blood circulation.

    Sake Bath

    Small amounts of Japanese alcohol (sake) drips into this bath making the bath smell of sake. The sake bath improves blood circulation in your body.

    Doctor Fish Foot Bath

    Doctor fish are fish that eat the dead skin off of your feet. Once you stick your feet into this shallow bath, the fish will nibble of your dead skin, leaving your feet incredibly soft and smooth.

    The Green Terrace

    The Green Terrace has three hot tubs and you can enjoy the nice sun without going outside completely.

    Rodeo Mountain

    Rodeo Mountain is a water slide that offers three different courses, each with their own twist. In the side of rodeo mountain, there is a hidden cave bath. Can you find it?

    Dragon Falls

    This bath has an amazing view of the Hakone mountains.



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    Mori-no-yu is the traditional Japanese hot spring section of the facility.

    Outdoor hot Springs

    There is an enormous outdoor area in Mori-no-yu where you can enjoy a jacuzzi, a sleeping bath (you basically lay down inside the bathtub), a men’s hot spring, and a women’s hot spring.

    Hinoki Bath

    Not only is the bath made of precious hinoki tree wood, the floors, the walls and the ceiling are all made of hinoki making the whole bath filled with the refreshing smell of the wood. Although the bath is inside, you can enjoy the views that the mountains of Hakone provide through the enormous open windows.


    If you are planning to go to Hakone, I highly recommend spending a day or the night at Hakone Kowakien Yunessun. You can experience both traditional Japanese hot springs and some unique baths.

    Hakone Kowakien Yunessun
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