“Duffy” The DisneySea Bear

  • A lot of you may know how DisneySea is a one of a kind Disney park in Japan, but did you know that DisneySea has its own little mascot character named Duffy?


    Duffy is a teddy bear that Minnie Mouse made for Mickey Mouse on the night before he left to sail the world so he would never be lonely. Minnie gave Mickey the teddy bear inside a duffle bag and so named the teddy bear, “Duffy”. Mickey brings Duffy along to all of the adventures that he embarks on.

    Buying Your Very Own Duffy

    Duffy comes in three different sizes. The small size is 3,900 yen, the medium size is 11,000 yen, and the large size is 52,000 yen (the large size is HUGE, no joke). You can also buy Duffy as a keychain, cell phone strap, pouch, hand puppet, cushion, coin case and a tote bag. These Duffy products are available at Aunt Pegs Village Store, McDucks Department Store, or Galleria Disney inside of DisneySea. If you visit DisneySea, go check out these stores for your very own Duffy teddy bear!


    A major reason why Duffy is popular in Japan is because of how you can purchase separate costumes for the teddy bears that you buy. For the small size Duffy, there are various outfits that you can buy for your teddy bear and the keychain Duffy comes pre-dressed in various different outfits that change according to the season.

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