Have a Break in one of Japanese Coffee Shops!

  • Cafés are very popular in Japan. More and more Japanese prefer coffee (ko-hi- コーヒー) over tea (ocha お茶) and especially the young generation enjoys meeting, studying or just hanging out in a coffee shop. The American giant coffee shop chain “Starbucks” is particularly trendy among the young generation. But there are also a nice handful chains that Japan has to offer, suitable for everyone’s purse!


    This coffee house was founded 40 years ago and has currently more than 1,358 shops all over Japan.
    Additionally to coffee, tea and cold drinks, it also offers handmade sandwiches, cake and cookies.
    Regular coffee is ¥220 (small), ¥270 (medium) and ¥320 (large), their trademark “milano sandwich” ¥410-¥480, with “Milano sandwich B Shrimp & avocado salad”(ミラノサンドB 海老とアボカドのごろっとサラダ) being the recommendation if you happen to arrive hungry.

    Doutor*Japanese Only

    Excelsior Cafe

    Also run by Doutor company, this coffee shop is described as a rank up. With having a wider range of drinks, they also offer i.e. “panini & soup”(¥430), a summer limited dish and their shops have a more sophisticated interior design. Also new: “Coconut Latte”(ココナッツラテ) ¥450 (small), ¥500 (medium) ¥550 (large).

    Excelsior Cafe*Japanese Only


    This is the biggest and cheapest chain in Japan. The number of shops are limited, with only 181 Veloce coffee shops are mainly in Tokyo-Kanto area, but also in Kansai, Touhoku, Kyushu and Nagoya. A cup of coffee costs ¥190 (regular size) and even large is only ¥230! Their tapioca Mango drink (¥310) is definitely a summer must-have!
    Other food and drinks are reasonable priced.

    Veloce *Japanese Only

    In comparison to Starbucks, most Japanese Coffee shop chains are rather cheaper. They do not have a strong branding with merchandise and seasonal items like mugs and tumblers, though some do try to sell more than just coffee. Try out nearby cafés and find the most satisfactory for you!